Global Pop Round-Up: April 2023 Edition

Global Pop Round-Up

The Bias List is a K-pop blog that also covers a fair amount of J-pop. But just like most music fans, I enjoy tracks from all around the world. So, I thought I’d start a monthly round-up of some of the non-K-pop songs that have caught my ear. No ratings — just highlights!

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Bebe Rexha – Satellite (ft. Snoop Dogg) / Call On Me

I’ve never had any interest in Bebe Rexha’s music before, but this new album is shaping up to be a blast. Both of these songs are nothing short of pop excellence.

Benjamin – Minä-Minä-Maa

Hoida Mut remains my most played song of the year. Minä-Minä-Maa isn’t quite as epic, but it continues to shape Benjamin’s coronation into synth-pop god.

Eline Noelia – Strings Attached

Very Ava Max-esque in the most satisfying way.

Ellie Goulding – Cure For Love

There’s barely a weak song on Ellie Goulding’s new album. This is probably my favorite b-side.

Jake Shears – I Used To Be In Love / Devil Came Down the Dance Floor (ft. Amber Martin)

Jake Shears’ upcoming album is shaping up to be disco-pop perfection. Both songs are stellar, though Devil Came Down‘s effusive groove is a personal highlight.

Jessie Ware – Begin Again

She’s the queen of disco revival. It’s as simple as that!

Jonas Blue – Finally (ft. RANI)

I’ll take some straightforward club music any day of the week, and Finally hits all the right notes.

Jonas Brothers – Waffle House

I wish this didn’t feel like such a novelty track because I’m loving its 80’s rock approach.

Kim Petras – Alone (ft. Nicki Minaj)

I think everyone wanted this to be a dance banger (and I agree with that wish), but the sample is too sticky to fail.

Klara & Jag – Bas, Rök & Dårar

It’s fun to hear all sorts of unlikely artists embrace synthwave elements. The approach rarely falters.

MUNA – One That Got Away

MUNA are back with a synth-pop banger that gets under your skin with its clever construction, 80’s percussion and sharp hooks.

Oliver Heldens x Kylie Minogue – 10 Out Of 10

Another straightforward dance track with some serious star power behind it.

Purple Disco Machine – Substitution (ft. Kungs)

This reminds me of the quirky, indie dance music I used to listen to all the time in the mid-to-late 2000’s.

Q – Not Alone

The groove on this is so funky. I love those synths!

Rina Sawayama – Eye For An Eye

While most artists continue to mine the 80’s for all they’re worth, Rina pulls some industrial distortion from the 90’s.

The Scarlet Opera – I’ve Been Waiting For You

I’ve got my eye on this new glam rock band. I’ve Been Waiting For You isn’t actually their single, but it’s one of the best tracks to come out this year.

Studio Killers – Underneath My Raincoat

Studio Killers are back!!! They were one of my favorite acts of the early-2010’s and they haven’t missed a step.

Yes My Love – Rhythm

This sounds like a really good K-pop song. Its singular title is fully earned thanks to the instrumental’s strong groove.


22 thoughts on “Global Pop Round-Up: April 2023 Edition

  1. I’ve been listening to that Jessie Ware song since it came out, it’s probably my favorite song to come out of the UK this year so far.


  2. ellie goulding’s album is my favorite of the year so far. its the best of what i can describe as “spacy, ethereal dance-pop”


  3. My recent favourites (all albums, funnily enough) are So Much for Stardust by Fall Out Boy, The Other One by Babymetal, Portals by Melanie Martinez, and Intellectual Property by Waterparks!


  4. also nick, i have a question about the Dyno songs you sent me; is the song “back where i belong” supposed to be the song “back?” you know, the one where on your review on Alienhits, it describes the song as “It begins a little tentative before launching into a propulsive, fist-in-the-air chorus?”

    i tried asking you in my reply to your email but never got a response


  5. btw out of curiosity r u gonna be doing a tribute to moonbin sometime soon (like a breaking down the song or a bite size review)


    • Not planning on anything at the moment, but a lot of people have been going to my earlier “The Top Ten Best Songs by ASTRO” post so that’s kind of become a de facto tribute.


  6. The new Magdalena Bay EP is straight fire from front to back. Best synthpop act at the moment in my opinion. Check out the song Top Dog when you have a chance.


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