Song Review: Sungmin (Super Junior) – Lovesick

Sungmin (Super Junior) - LovesickHey, it’s that guy who’s technically part of Super Junior but never performs with them anymore! I find this situation (and the reason behind it) quite odd, but I’m happy Sungmin still gets to release solo music. In the case of Lovesick (사랑이 따끔), he’s bringing a blast of upbeat trot music.

I appreciate trot and think it’s a ton of fun when performed in a live setting. But, there’s very little music in the trot genre I’d choose to listen to outside a performance. Lovesick doesn’t change that opinion. It’s performed with flair (a must for this style!) and its repetitive chorus is catchy. I love the extended flourish that rounds out each chorus. But, this is a case of “right song, wrong listener.” I hope Sungmin finds success among the many trot fans in Korea and abroad.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6
 RATING 7.25

Grade: C


11 thoughts on “Song Review: Sungmin (Super Junior) – Lovesick

  1. The funny thing about the music industry in Korea: kpop is only a fraction of it. There is also trot, the balladeers, the OST, the noraebang (Korean version of karaoke), the multiple variety singing shows every day and every weekend. Artists can earn a decent living for decades in these other parts of the Korean music industry and most of us who follow kpop would have no idea who they are or what song they are famous for that charted for months longer than our stans. I just checked the Gaon circle chart. Maktub, heard of them, have no idea what they sound like. Hey Ailee “… First Snow” is still charting, also “Every day, every moment”, ever still.

    The other funny thing even as an ELF, this situation is so odd. For those who don’t know, the short story is: Sungmin was kicked out of Super Junior proper because he got married. There are still lengthy discussions on messaging boards to this day about it, which I scroll straight past. Some K-ELF keep going on for pages as if they are the ones deeply harmed by Sungmin getting married, something something about timing with respect to a comeback or something. My best guess is that Sungmin probably pissed off someone very high at SM during the initial brouhaha, and that more or less settled it. Why the man also resigned or stayed with SM is a mystery. I mean this happened in 2015.

    Anyway, song. As a trot song, I have no basis to judge as I don’t listen to much trot. I mean, it sounds suitably perky like trot should. Yay trot! Go trot! Go Sungmin!


    • Thank you for the explanation – I am very clueless about the behind the scenes of most kpop groups. It seems so ridiculous, but the whole dating ban culture is still very much alive today (though Chen’s engagement and baby announcement was pretty well received, I think?).

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  2. From all that I know of trot (not much), Sungmin appears to be nailing the genre. His dramatic voice works really well with the style. Trot’s not something I gravitate towards unless I’m in a very particular mood (like, “feelin’ crazy, time to listen to Rokkugo! and Can You Feel It?” mood) or watching a performance, because then it becomes a ton of fun. I can see this song being a real good time performed live. It won’t be something I listen to with any regularity, but I may end up turning it on when the mood strikes!

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  3. I love trot music, it always makes me dance, but I felt something irregular about this song, every time it seemed to push you onto the dance floor, it contained itself or changed the rhythm.


    • I listened to this track when it first came out and thought it was pretty good! But, I lost some excitement for it as it went on (the chorus is a bit weak) and the second verse breakdown irked me. So, I decided not to do a full review. I’ll be looking to see what they do next, though!


    • I listened to it as well. Solid pop song, solidly done. Uncomplicated and easy listening. Therein lies the problem, because these months we give these style songs higher scores than they deserve because of all the things they don’t do that have become overdone in kpop, not because of what they are. I did enjoy listening to it a few times.


  4. I feel like every country has their own version of this sort of exuberant, cheesy, uncle-music. I like it for what it is, but it tends to really sound the same after a while. I feel like this song would be super fun to karaoke, though. It’ s pretty catchy!


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