A word about upcoming reviews…

Along with many of us in the States, tonight’s election results have hit me to my core. It’s hard to objectively write about music when you’re in state of shock, so I wanted to give a heads up that it may take a bit longer to get to some of the new releases over the next day or two. I won’t be skipping any that I’d planned on reviewing — after all, writing about k-pop is something I’m incredibly passionate about. That can’t be taken away, even as it seems like the world is crushing in on itself.

I’ll have T-ara’s post up early tomorrow and hope to get to new boy group Victon as well, but we’ll see how it goes. The joy and escapism of k-pop may very well be what ends up keeping me sane in this incredibly difficult time for our country. But I also pride myself on regularity and consistency in my posts, so it only seems fair to give a warning in the case that reviews trickle out a little slower than usual.

2 thoughts on “A word about upcoming reviews…

  1. no problem nick. I understand that this is a really hard time for all of us right now, so you don’t have to feel obligated to keep updating as regularly if you’re still in shock. we support you.


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