Song Review: DAY6 – How Can I Say

It’s March 6th, which means another entry in DAY6’s 2017 monthly project. Three releases in and it’s clear that the quality of music will remain high throughout the year. But even better, it feels like DAY6 are utilizing this extended release schedule as an opportunity to showcase different sides of their music. Rock groups are inherently more limited when it comes to k-pop concepts, so it can be difficult to achieve a truly diverse discography. But DAY6 have quickly proven to be quite flexible in sound.

New single How Can I Say (어떻게 말해) uses January’s I Wait as a launching pad, but doubles down on that track’s brash, angsty rock influences. The song is a cathartic burst of restrained verses and intense, thundering choruses. DAY6 get to display dual personalities within this structure. How Can I Say‘s verses bring in more of their electronic side, built on a nimble melody that is the track’s most persistent earworm. We also get an effective dose of their layered harmonies in the pre-chorus, which is starting to feel like one of the group’s most powerful trademarks. Few rock acts boast more than a couple of strong vocalists, and the fact that DAY6 can rely on the interplay of their voices gives them a huge leg up.

How Can I Say‘s chorus is grittier and more heavy-hitting than we’ve heard from them in awhile, framed by a wall of guitar and background vocals. It gives the hook an enormous sound, contrasting well with the verses’ more spare approach. The central melody isn’t quite as memorable as I Wait‘s, but it’s yet another strong effort from Korea’s most promising idol rock group.

 Hooks  8
 Production  8
 Longevity 8
 Bias  8


4 thoughts on “Song Review: DAY6 – How Can I Say

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