Song Review: SVT Vocal Team (Seventeen) – Pinwheel

Over the past four weeks, Seventeen has been releasing a special track for each of its sub-units (including a new “leader” unit). This has been a smart way to shine focus on what makes this group so unique. They’re undeniably strongest when they’re all together, but the fact that they can craft songs of such a wide variety, with such consistently good results, is very impressive. Plus, when the full album is released next month, we’ll have five music videos to enjoy alongside it!

Last on the docket is Seventeen’s largest unit, the five-member vocal team. In the past, this configuration has been used primarily for ballads, so Pinwheel‘s (바람개비) delicate tempo isn’t surprising. Thankfully, the song is dressed up in enough instrumental magic to give it a fluid sense of movement. Driven by a gorgeous piano arpeggio that never really lets up, Pinwheel gradually blooms as percussion and strings join the mix to create a more sweeping, grandiose sound. The melody isn’t particularly noteworthy, but gives the guys a chance to show off their vocals with little unnecessary adornment.

Pinwheel doesn’t compare with the group’s best ballad (that would be Woozi’s solo, Simple, from last year), but this sub-unit project has been all about displaying different sides to Seventeen. The chances of them releasing a ballad for a full group promotion are pretty low, so it’s refreshing to hear them spotlight this softer side for once. I wish Pinwheel would have provided more opportunity for the kind of dramatic vocal interplay and power notes we know these vocalists are capable of, but the song’s restraint will likely play well in the long run. It’s a very solid ending to an exciting promotional campaign. Now bring on the album!

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8



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