Song Review: The Unit – Last One

After unveiling its triumphant co-ed theme song last week, The Unit is focusing on the guys and the girls separately. First up are the boys, filling that vast sound stage once more for the bombastic dance pop of Last One (빛). And while the song isn’t quite as addicting as My Turn, the novelty of seeing this many idols together hasn’t worn off.

Interestingly, Last One chooses to structure itself as a traditional k-pop song rather than a 60+ member strong vocal assault. The use of layering is barely present, focusing instead on a handful of solo performances and relegating the rest of the guys to glorified background dancers. This limits Last One‘s power as a purely audio experience. It certainly doesn’t feel as immense without the accompanying video. Because of this, the actual song needs to be about twice as strong as it is.

Unfortunately, Last One‘s ambition stops at “generic EDM,” with a simple chant-based hook that lacks personality. This isn’t to say that its chorus isn’t catchy. Quite the opposite, actually. The simplicity of the melody streamlines the song’s charms and delivers them with efficiency. There’s a certain thrill to be had when the stomping electronic beat crashes in. And although the chosen vocalists are confined by the track’s limited imagination, they come across as assured and commanding. Two releases in, it’s clear that The Unit will result in solid music. But by following up the thrilling My Turn, Last One comes off as a slightly less compelling retread.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8



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