Song Review: EXID – Lady

Having grown up on the likes of early-90’s Michael and Janet Jackson, the lockstep, staccato sound of New Jack Swing was a constant presence during my formative musical years. It remains one of my favorite genres to this day, and I love when k-pop dips its toes into its aesthetic. Of all the k-pop groups working today, EXID feel uniquely qualified to take on this style. Though they’ve branched out a bit since their debut in 2012, the girls initially burst onto the scene with a bright, funk-laced retro sound.

Lady (내일해) may not be as instantly arresting as last November’s dynamite DDD, but it carries an addictive, low-key groove that will likely serve it well in the long run. Working yet again with mega-producer Shinsadong Tiger, EXID borrow liberally from the 90’s to craft an authentic summertime bop that was probably released a few months too early.

Opening with a scratchy brass riff, Lady soon finds its percussion-heavy drive thanks to an insistent beat underlined by sparkling synths and piano. This proves to be a recipe for success in part because of its familiarity. In a musical climate that feels clogged with buzzwords like trap and EDM and future bass, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear something this joyously uncluttered. Lady’s melody may not be a total knockout, but it’s cohesive and ingratiating throughout. Without a focus on attention-stealing hooks or sucker punches, the song is able to take it easy and elicit a sense of head-bobbing comfort. From its vocal ad-libs to that sky-high, Mariah Carey homage of a note that introduces the second chorus, Lady is a non-stop pleasure for anyone who misses the feel-good simplicity of the 90’s.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


7 thoughts on “Song Review: EXID – Lady

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  7. Lady is one of their best title tracks in my opinion. All of the members get to shine, which isn’t common for them because Jeonghwa usually gets pushed to the back while Hani just serves as the group’s visual and token sexy member.

    But this time, they gave the chorus to Hani (even though she was still made to sing in a higher register instead of using her naturally low voice), Jeonghwa’s verses were pretty catchy, especially the little sing-rapping in the second verse after the chorus. LE’s raps were rad as always, and Hyelin’s vocals were amazing as always (especially that growl and the whistle note??? That was so good).


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