The Top Ten Best Songs by GFRIEND

Of all the girl groups working in K-pop right now, GFriend have consistently released my favorite music. This makes their top ten list pretty incredible, as the vast majority of these songs are absolute stunners. The group hasn’t been quite as prolific as some of their peers when it comes to title tracks, releasing only nine official singles since their debut. Luckily, they’ve also recorded a CF music video to fill that remaining spot.

10. Wave (2016)

Rounding out the list is a cover of Un’s 2001 hit Wave, recorded as a CF for American Tourister Luggage. GFriend don’t make many deviations from the original arrangement, but the song offers a bright burst of summertime fun. (full review)

9. Summer Rain (2017)

A more subdued take on their own Love Whisper, Summer Rain fuses together an understated New Jack Swing beat and a smartly placed piano sample from Schumann’s Dichterliebe Op. 48:1. (full review)

8. Love Whisper (2017)

Fully embracing the innocent side of their sound, Love Whisper’s sprightly pop beat took awhile to fully reveal its charms, but has since gone on to become a summertime staple. (full review)

7. Sunny Summer (2018)

Vying for summertime ubiquity, Sunny Summer doubles down on every seasonal trope you can imagine. Its breezy future funk beat pulses with energy, taking the girls’ pop sound to the dance floor. (full review)

6. Time For The Moon Night (2018)

More a symphonic movement than a pure pop song, Time For The Moon Night saw the girls’ singles run embracing new producers for the first time. Like so many GFriend songs, its appeal only grew stronger with time. (full review)

5. Glass Bead (2015)

Unveiling their powerful innocence style for the first time, Glass Bead was not only a juggernaut of a debut single, but provided the template for nearly every GFriend’s title track to come after it.

4. Me Gustas Tu (2015)

Building on Glass Bead’s successful sound, Me Gustas Tu added one of modern K-pop’s catchiest choruses to create an irresistible treat for the ears. It’s one of GFriend’s most iconic songs, and for good reason.

3. Fingertip (2017)

The aggressive synth-pop of Fingertip reinvented GFriend’s core sound in stunning fashion, unveiling a powerful new potential. It’s a brilliant 80’s pastiche through and through, oozing funk guitar and bombastic electronics. (full review)

2. Rough (2016)

Quite simply, Rough is one of the quintessential girl group songs of the decade, encapsulating every element that makes GFriend’s music so engaging. Its chorus is an instant classic, made even more so by the gorgeous orchestral refrain that follows. (full review)

1. Navillera (2016)

Though Rough ranked two notches higher on my 2016 year end countdown, I’ve come around to Navillera being the GFriend song to beat. From its opening burst of percussion to the breathlessly propulsive pre-chorus, the track never lets up. It’s The Chaser of girl group fare, building steam until it explodes with Yuju’s climactic power note. Unrestrained by K-pop’s trio of common concepts (cute, sexy, and girl crush), Navillera succeeds instead on the strength of its construction and the boundless force of its energy. (full review)


13 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by GFRIEND

  1. Rough is more heavy metal than Navillera, making it my pick for the ultimate Gfriend song. I also, somehow, have been absolutely ensnared by Summer Rain’s melancholic melody.


  2. My ultimate #1 is still Fingertip, the instrumental is still the best thing happened in Kpop and I think this song can be stated as the development of their early sound. Unluckily, the song is underrated

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  9. Memoria, Sunrise, Flower, Fever, Fallin’ Light, Crossroads, and Apple are waiting for you to edit this. Some of these songs have higher ratings than Wave and Summer Rain.


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