Song Review: IZ*ONE – Violeta

For me, one of the most frustrating things about Produce 101-spawned groups is that they don’t attempt to develop a signature sound or concept. Given their temporary status as project groups, I understand the desire to sample as many of the industry’s current trends as they can before disbanding, but it leads to a scattershot discography that feels too reactionary (I’m looking at you, Wanna One). However, IZ*ONE may be different. We’re only two Korean releases in, but the girls already seem to have found their sound.

I wasn’t as crazy about last year’s La Vie en Rose as everyone else seemed to be, and new single Violeta (비올레타) suffers from some of the same issues. But, the energy is bigger this time around, buoyed by an aggressive synth beat and vocal work that strongly recalls Starship Entertainment’s Cosmic Girls. The verses pound forward, building to a series of fake-out climaxes that keep momentum climbing as we approach the inevitable beat drop. The instrumental’s percolating electronics approximate the structure of deep house but stay just shy of shamelessly riding trends.

I wish Violeta’s chorus had a more fleshed-out melody, but this catchphrase-as-hook structure seems to be IZ*ONE’s thing — at least when it comes to title tracks. Despite following the same vibe, Violeta’s refrain has much more punch than Rose’s. This is especially evident during the song’s final moments, where every element ramps up for a fireworks display of vocals and production. This showcase comes at just the right time, ending the track on a high note and hinting at even better things to come.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


19 thoughts on “Song Review: IZ*ONE – Violeta

  1. This review is such a one sided selfish mean review, just cause izone genre is not your cup of tea doesn’t mean you can selfishly express your dumb opinion, your site supposingly a professional non bias type of review site but nope you choose to be a douche with your words just cause their genre isnt your type of genre shit, next time you shouldn’t do this kind of review, you should just stick with your bias group..seriously this site is shit


    • I do not like this “one sided selfish mean review” of Nick’s well-worded positive review of the song on a blog that’s literally called the BIAS list. It’s in the gd title.


    • I see that everyone is following the pack.
      Someone has an opinion and all of a sudden it is fact.
      IZ*ONE are absolutely unique in the industry. Their chemistry is stunning, her vocals are distinctive and so well arranged!
      I was more impressed that Wonyoung started this stunning arrangement off and the progression through Sakura, Eunbi and Hitomi with that rich tone of Nako was beautifullyorchestrated into the chorus into a stunning blend of vocals with Yujin breaking through her stunning range! We have Yuri singing through at key moments!
      Then comes the quintessential and stunning voices of Yena and Chaeyeon.
      The song is a very delicious recipe of vocals that draws you in and highlights the individuality of each member!
      IZ*ONE always are uniquely talented and outstanding.
      Listen to it with more knowledge and pay attention to the tones and blends of some of the most stunning vocals in the industry. They are breathtaking artists and this was a song highlighting her uniqueness.
      Just because someone wrote this review doesn’t make it true. It is an opinion and an opinion that lacks knowledge of these artists and music!
      IZ*ONE will always stand out. Wait and see what’s coming next!
      Beautiful work IZ*ONE. Congratulations !


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