The Top Ten Best Album Tracks by GOLDEN CHILD

This feature is usually reserved for more established groups, but Golcha don’t yet have enough title tracks to warrant a Top Ten Singles countdown, and there’s no way I’m letting Road To Kingdom’s grave injustice go by without spotlighting my current bias group today.

If you’re new to Golden Child, consider this a crash course, outlining how many buried treasures exist within their burgeoning discography. If you’ve been a fan since debut, hopefully this week’s turn of events has you in the mood to celebrate their music. After all, we’ve got a new comeback on the horizon!

Honorable Mentions
I See U
With Me
YTMOB (You Turn Me On Baby)

10. Compass (2019)

Compass is often described as a healing song, and its soft pop melody certainly soothes. There’s a shimmer to the track that feels timeless and melodically engaging. As usual, the group’s vocals elevate the song even further. (full review)

9. All Day (2018)

An utterly perfect pop ballad, fueled by a gorgeous vocal blend that capitalizes on Golden Child’s suite of diverse tones. The arrangement from the bridge into the final chorus gives me goosebumps every time.

8. What Happened? (2017)

The rap verses of Golden Child tracks are rarely brooding or self-serious. Instead, they inject an immensely enjoyable punch of energy, like a comic book come to life. What Happened’s sledgehammer beat allows plenty of opportunity for these endearing jolts to break through.

7. No Matter What (Jangjun & Tag ft. Joochan) (2019)

My favorite of Golden Child’s unit tracks, No Matter What gives rappers Tag and Jangjun plenty to chew on, courtesy of an addictive EDM beat. As if that wasn’t enough, main vocal Joochan threatens to steal the show with a hard-hitting chorus. (full review)

6. Sea (2017)

As far as I’m concerned, pop songs that embody summertime will always be at a premium, and Sea is a euphoric ode to warm weather and beach-side adventures. The central instrumental loop is pure jubilation, surrounded by bright melodies and playful rap verses.

5. Crush (2018)

Crush merges a potent pop-rock stomp with bucket-loads of personality. It’s such a perfect extension of the group’s year one singles, offering a spark of charismatic energy and hooks upon tightly-stacked hooks.

4. She’s My Girl (2019)

She’s My Girl filters the clobbering funk of SHINee’s Sherlock through the adept production of the talented Monotree team. The result is Golden Child’s most aggressive wallop of showstopping dance pop. (full review)

3. Lately (2019)

Yep, Lately’s gone on to (slightly) edge out She’s My Girl as my Reboot b-side of choice. A chugging slice of disco power pop, the track has a welcome sense of refinement that paints Golden Child with an air of regality, reminiscent of agency seniors Infinite. (full review)

2. Eyes On You (2018)

Eyes On You is Golden Child at their most Chaser-esque, leveraging an inventive arrangement and propulsive beat to forge a mighty blast of glittering dance pop. Jangjun once described it as a “new sensation,” and I’d wholeheartedly agree. (full review)

1. I’m Falling (2018)

I’m Falling wasn’t always my favorite Golden Child b-side, but its simple pop appeal has only grown with time. It’s a dynamic blend of strummy guitar pop and surging EDM anthem. The uncluttered arrangement highlights the potency of the group’s vocals, climaxing in a cathartic bridge that amps the drama to exhilarating heights. (full review)



20 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Album Tracks by GOLDEN CHILD

  1. My favorite is Eyes on You , and that elimination was totally unfair to watch and not only that they were cheated on. Screw You Mnet ! honestly I have seen stupid reality shows do better elimination systems than whatever MNET can do. I still believe till this date Golden Child deserved 2018 ROTY

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  2. Frankly, as much I enjoyed Queendom last year, I didn’t care for Rtk. It felt far joyless and didn’t bother to watch (also with submissions and assignments…leaves barely any free time) so I have no idea what’s going with that show.

    But I’m always open to new recommendations, especially by boy groups (I’m biased towards GGs) and I haven’t checked Golden Child, so this post came at a right time. Listening to the top 10 of them, I’m pleasantly surprised!

    Early favourites include No matter what (that synth breakdown with charismatic raps), All Day (good pop ballad) and the ultimate She’s my girl. Maybe if I had heard it last year, it would’ve been a instant front-runner for 2019’s favourite. The opening growl, the soaring vocals and that bombastic chorus…the trumpets…ooofff. This song feels like in its own musical and I’m loving every second of the bombast.

    The Janjung+Tag combo is becoming one of my favourite rapper combos currently standing…mmmmm

    …..I just might spiral and listen to their entire catalogue before they release new material. The Reboot album may worth the buy.


    • Oh, it’s definitely worth the buy! Excellent album from start to finish, and if you’re into buying physicals, you get a lot of bang for your buck where the packaging’s concerned.


  3. Ugh, that elimination was so uncalled for and hurt to see. Thank you for making this post; it helps things get better a little bit.

    I love seeing you being almost a ride-or-die for Golcha and their music in this sight. While I wouldn’t probably consider myself a “Goldenness”, seeing how you wrote about them on this sight so much helped me see them in a new light as a more dynamic group.

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  4. Great list. I’d have to say the Without You re-packaged album is one of my favourite K-pop albums in a long time for me. “I Love U Crazy!” and “Don’t Run Away” didn’t make your list but are two I really enjoy off the album.

    Golcha have an awesome discography but then again you could also say that about all Woollim groups.


  5. I was sold on Golch a few months ago when I found Lady. I’m still lacking on my b side knowledge so I gotta check out the ones on this list that I dont already know. I already love All Day though. At this point I do love several Kpop ballads but its so hard to find ones that dont lean towards the sadder side of thing. Truly uplifting or hopful sounding ballads are much rarer. All Day is perfect for when you want to listen to somthing softer but dont want to feel like your being beat over the head with heartbreak. I would love a playlist of songs just like this one.


    • I am so going to start calling them Golch from now on! 😉

      As far as ballads that sound kind of like All Day, I’d recommend Golcha’s own Thank You, as well as a lot of the early Astro ballads like Growing Pains and Because It’s You (esp. this one!).

      B1A4 have a lot of good pop ballad b-sides, too. 10 Years is probably my favorite, but there’s tons to choose from.


    • I consider it a title track because it was promoted and had an mv, so it wasn’t eligible. It will feature very high on my eventual “top ten singles” list for Golcha, whenever that comes!

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  6. I’m half a year late because I never really checked out their last few releases- until recently. So I’m here to reread and comment just for fun 🙂 I feel like my music taste in general is similar to yours and many other readers, but when talking about specific songs from one group like this the differences become clearer. My list would look something like this:

    1. What Happened
    2. With me
    3. Eyes on you
    4. Crush
    5. YTMOB
    6. Lately
    7. IF
    8. OMG
    9. I Love You Crazy!
    10. She’s My Girl

    Honorable mentions:
    Thank You
    A Song For Me (Joochan Solo)

    Interestingly, my top 2 are not (high) on your list, and your number 1 isn’t on my list at all 😮 No ballads on my list. As much as I appreciate them in their own right, they can never compete with more upbeat songs for me. Overall I think I am a bit of a ‘fun over substance’ type of person haha ;; This list was difficult to make though, Golden Child have so many great bsides!


  7. As a new stan my favourites are YTMOB and Compass! There definitely are tracks more solid but it’s hard to resist the charms of these two.


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