Song Review: Pink Fantasy – Lemon Candy

I can’t quite get a grasp on Pink Fantasy, and I’m not just talking about their weird “bunny mask” schtick (which is getting creepier and creepier, by the way). Across their small discography, the girls have returned with a number of different concepts, often jarring in their contrast. I think the most successful of these was the dramatic Fantasy from 2019, which saw the girls adopting a theatrical style not too dissimilar from Dreamcatcher. Since then, their work has been a middling collection of familiar K-pop tropes, and new pre-release single Lemon Candy (레몬사탕) is no different.

Apparently, this song wasn’t even meant to be promoted at first. And, that becomes quickly evident as it plays on. Lemon Candy lacks a strong hook. It feels aimless in construction, drifting from one segment to the next without landing any real punches. The tempo is relatively inert, hulking forward with a glittering stomp that never builds toward anything dynamic. The chorus brings some oomph to the track, but the melody just isn’t there. Coupled with a performance that unnecessarily embraces aegyo, the whole song feels at odds with itself.

To Pink Fantasy’s credit, this is essentially a b-side paired with a music video. They’ve proven themselves to be more engaging performers than this, so it’s best to think of Lemon Candy as an odd little blip in the road. Still, I wish that the girls were given the chance to fully explore a style rather than flit between sounds and concepts. It’s time to rip off that bunny mask and figure out who you really are, Pink Fantasy!

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6

12 thoughts on “Song Review: Pink Fantasy – Lemon Candy

  1. The aegyo makes no sense for me – it doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the song’s delivery at all. The production feels too heavy and hard in the chorus, my ears feel assaulted by those constant stomps.


  2. This song is just so slow? I put the speed at 1.25x, and honestly, it sounds so much better (except for that last chorus–that gave me heart palpitations). I never really got their masked member thing, but I’m hoping they give us another Fantasy-esque song eventually.

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  3. Honestly, as a LUVIT, this was kind of a letdown of a comeback. They are so talented and versatile as artists, and it’s sad to see their talent wasted like this.

    I agree with you Nick about the hidden member thing to. It’s cool, but I can’t see it as a reason for the girls to get more positive attention. Not a fan of the bunny mask either.

    Loved Shadow Play though. The music video was very well produced considering how little budget the girls had.


  4. I hate to sound combative, but as a fan of PINK FANTASY since their debut, I feel like people don’t “get” PINK FANTASY. While this isn’t their best song and, honestly the M/V is terrible – but given they have basically no budget – it’s very charming in only a way PINK FANTASY can deliver. Even here, we’re the concept is very obviously to be cute, their is something creepy or even mildly sinister about it, which has been a constant theme w/ PINK FANTASY, despite their numerous sub-units or constant concept changes. This song is chaotic and has that really weird final chorus, which I honestly love! Yechan has very unique vocals and they give the song a lot more depth. I don’t think PINK FANTASY is a group you’re supposed to “figure out”, they are creepy and weird and they clearly embrace it!

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    • Huh, that’s an interesting take. That could be the reason why the aegyo feels so out of place – it feels like it doesn’t fit in the song, a little uncomfortable and yes, a little creepy. If that’s intentional that’s kind of interesting.


      • It’s a theory I’ve had since their debut. I think I sort of personally confirmed it with Fantasy, which was very dark and creepy. When watching the M/V for Lemon Candy I noticed a lot of little things, the intense gaze from the bunny member, the weird claw choreo – I guess it could be juicing lemons!? – it’s very aggressive. And the costuming, when they are dancing they are wearing black and red dressed, colours not typically associated with cute concept.

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  5. you know, i am in 100% agreeance with you concerning that damn ‘bunny!’….to me, it was (and still is) a stupid concept….i remember posting my thoughts on that when they debuted and it was met with some strong dissatisfaction, but i do not care because the truth is the truth….you are exactly right, Nick, when you say ‘they need to find their damn identity and let loose on their beauty and talent!….i agree that damn bunny is getting creepier and is also unnecessary for their concept….


    • Rumor has it that it is the owner of their agency behind the mask, so I don’t think the mask will be ever coming off because then we would see a 30-something year old amongst 18-19 year olds which would be equally odd in a new way. The best would be for it to =disappear=.

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      • yes!…just get the damn bunny out of their songs, videos and concepts….i don’t see any good function it is serving, no matter who is behind the mask….it is a stupid concept!….it’s not like the bunny mask is helping them in popularity and sales….i think they have some good potential, but i personally do not think the bunny concept is helping them at all.

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