Song Review: Weeekly – After School

Weeekly have quickly developed an enthusiastic fan base, and it’s easy to see why. Though their bright, bubblegum pop isn’t always for me, the girls boast skill and charisma for days. Debut single Tag Me was a ton of fun, and new track After School recaptures much of that playful hookiness. While the song is described as “reggae pop,” I’d definitely bold the “pop” part of that equation.

After School’s instrumental has the same flimsy, carnival-like quality as many recent songs of this style. The percussion feels more like toy drummers than the kind of resounding textures I crave. The track could definitely do with a meatier backbone. But, this is where Weeekly come in.

The girls paint a very enjoyable melody over the top. Yes, it’s “cute” in the way that sometimes drives me crazy when visiting K-pop girl group land, but Weeekly bring a ton of personality to the playful verses. Better yet, the chorus opts for a robust refrain, tethering together two distinct hooks that blend perfectly. The first feels quite standard, but its descending melody is addicting. On the other hand, the second part (“I’m so good… etc”) of this chorus is pure bliss. It ties a satisfying bow on the refrain, and will likely be stuck in my head for weeks. Or, maybe even… “weeeks!” Kidding aside, I think a more dynamic, unique instrumental could have sent After School over the edge. As it stands, the song easily gets by on the strength of its earworm melody and engaging performance.

 Hooks 9
 Production 7
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


26 thoughts on “Song Review: Weeekly – After School

  1. I have a playlist I call “Helium”, onto which I put all the aegyo that I fancy. I don’t know why Weekly doesn’t scratch that kitsch itch, but they just don’t. Maybe because they don’t add something to the genre, they just add more examples of this style. Maybe because the feeling of “I really am a grown woman in a foreign country listening to teenagers sing pop in a foreign language” is coming around again, aka not the target demographic and maybe it would be weird if I were or if I did.

    For me, the only difference in this song vs others is that it is pitched a few keys lower than is typical so it isn’t quite as high helium as usual, but otherwise I swear I have heard this song many times before.

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  2. For me there really isn’t a standout part in the song melody wise, but it seems like it’ll be really fun to dance to. After watching their performances, I honestly don’t know where these girls get all this energy from but I love it.

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  3. The chorus gave me Ariana Grande vibes, idk why
    I like this, it’s like a breath of fresh air and kinda nostalgic to have a comeback with this concept when most girl groups are taking themselves so seriously and girl crush/dark concept has become so repetitive

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      • YES, THAT’S IT! I knew I had heard that exact same melody before. Not really a fan of that song, so unfortunately that feeling carried over to this song.


  4. Actually really enjoy the mix of R&B and bubblegum pop, it’s not something we see a lot in kpop so it feels fresh and fun. Also note that they don’t really sing in aegyo so it doesn’t run the risk of feeling dated or obnoxious

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  5. I usually steer way clear of cutesy girl groups but for some reason this snagged me. Or, rather, I heard them singing “Yummy” on the comeback stage and immediately shoved it into my playlist. Oh god, I like a song called “Yummy.” And so wth I might as well just give in and add this too.

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  6. This is one of those songs that doesn’t grab me out of the get-go but that I’m glad I pushed through to listen all the way through-the second half is much better than the first. It sounds like a grower. Give me a week or so and I’ll be definitely more enthusiastic to listen to it. I wish it had a bit of a faster tempo or that it moved with more energy like their previous releases but still a solid bop.


  7. What can I say, I’m in love with everything these girls put out at this point. I love their energy. My interest was originally piqued when I heard their debut was popular with high school girls. To me it means there is something about them that feels genuine and not like a bunch of young girls being told to act cute by a middle-aged man. I like that they have some of their own production credits and that thus far they are steadfastly not sexualized (they’ve very rarely even worn skirts). They feel like the closest thing kpop has to a group by young girls for young girls and hey, I’m in touch with my inner child.

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    • You make a great point! I noticed the outfits, too and I like the style a lot. Love seeing a girl group looking cute and bright while wearing oversized stuff and not being styled in just tiny skirts. Nothing against that per se, but this is refreshing. My sister would actually wear stuff like this in high school.

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      • Yeah, I don’t mind short skirts and I don’t think they’re inherently sexual or anything, but it definitely strikes me as a deliberate statement when there is a lack of them, and I like it. It’s cute and age-appropriate and feels like a good and almost protective move from the company. There’s also something charming and old-school about it, like S.E.S with their tracksuits in the 90s.

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  8. Shout out Charlotte Wilson having two promoted title tracks right now! I didn’t take to “Get Away” by Verivery initially, but I actually woke up with it stuck in my head today.

    After School is hitting much more immediately for me : ) in fact so is the whole minialbum. I love the sound they’re honing


  9. for people wondering why it sounds so familiar, it appears they ripped the melody straight from ava max’s “so am i” but i’m not mad about it honestly


    • Maybe I’m a blind stan but I’m willing to write this off as a coincidence simply because this does not strike me as the most original or unusual chord progression for a pop song lol


      • No, the melodys are pretty much the same. Ive heard that Weeekly either sampled it or the producer for both songs is the same, Im not sure though.


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