Song Review: ONEUS – Life Is Beautiful

ONEUS - Life Is BeautifulONEUS’s ambitious “ONEUS Theatre” project is the gift that keeps on giving. Though these songs aren’t promoted on music shows, the group has delivered two newly-released studio recordings and a cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller — all in under a month. Every K-pop act is hard-working, but it’s satisfying to see the fruit of ONEUS’s labor so clearly.

Contrasting with last month’s Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!, Life Is Beautiful explores the guys’ lighter side. It’s a sunny pop confection, bounding with upbeat energy and melodic heft. As you might expect from the title, the track wears its heart on its sleeve. This results in some cheesy lyrics (“I sing a song like Green Day” is… a choice), but it’s easy to forgive the cringiness when the glossy pop melody is so confident. Extra points for the woodwind breakdowns!

As with any song in this style, pop culture’s most recent comparison is One Direction. The intro’s chugging guitar definitely carries this appeal, but the rest of the track has a more propulsive drive. The pre-chorus is a hazy beauty, delivering sentiment but never forgetting its sharp pop hooks. The shimmering guitar adds great texture as the guys’ vocals take on a sweet, airy quality. This builds toward an ebullient chorus. The melody descends here, but you wouldn’t know it from the cheerful, punchy arrangement. The song wraps you in a musical hug, overcoming its repetitive, simplistic lyrics with the upbeat language of pop. I’m delighted to see ONEUS explore a sound this optimistic. Freed from the concept restraints that often mar proper comebacks, the group has delivered a sure shot of synth-kissed bliss.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

12 thoughts on “Song Review: ONEUS – Life Is Beautiful

  1. wow you’re literally giving me homework to do; making me listening to these high-rated songs you just reviewed.

    i already enjoyed ace’s changer and as of writing this, i’m listening to this song, and so far i like it. the flute kinda reminds me of onf’s popping.


  2. In about a month Oneus has released a full MV for Lit’s Taekwondo version, a full MV for their Thriller cover, and two full MV’s for two different original songs for Oneus theater. Life is Beautiful is simply the wonderfully exuberant happy bop to top it all off. It is a jolt of pure Joy and I love every second of it!

    All of this is more than any To Moon, such as myself, could ask for and yet seemingly almost as an afterthought Oneus have gone and released one of their best songs of 2021 practically in secret. Last month they also dropped their fourth Japanese single (a Japanese version of Black Mirror), which in itself is unremarkable. However, with it they dropped one new b side called “Only One.” And Holy Freaking Cow how on earth did a song this good get released without any warning? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever found a song that fit the term buried treasure to such an extreme, because man is it buried but boy is it a treasure. I swear the last 40 seconds or so might just be the best thing my ears have been blessed with all year. Fellow Oneus enthusiasts and music lovers alike please check out this b-side, it is well worth the listen!


  3. All I had in my head when reading this was THAT IS MY BIAS GROOOOUP. I love skz and ONF the most, however, my friend brought me into ONEUS last spring. Now they are one of my top groups. I mean I am even covering Black Mirror with my college kpop music and dance group.

    They are continuously improving and building on their talent and I’m so proud. Let’s hope their next comeback will also be a banger.


  4. Is it just me or has Road To Kingdom groups been killing it this year?
    Golden Child released two knock-out albums, ONF have had an incredible year so far, ONEUS have had their best year so far and groups such as Pentagon, TO1 and VERIVERY have released at least one great single!

    In Comparison, The Kingdom groups….just pale…


  5. I am going to call this one a mid-tempo sentimental fan service song, and move on. Its not the song, its not the group, its me. It’s the nth song I have heard that is all warm and comforting, sentimental, fine performance, and expected chord progressions, and nothing out of place. It isn’t music that colors outside any lines or takes any chances.

    Its crafted to be a product that goes down easy, like the nth version of vanilla ice cream. Like Turkey Hill ice cream, which is close-ish to my sister’s house so we took the “factory tour”. They have six kinds of vanilla ice cream, because vanilla is so comforting. My daughter’s favorite flavor. But really, why oh why are there six flavors of vanilla from one company, not to mention the rest of the ice cream industry? (Original, Homemade, French, Bean, Salted Caramel, and Triple Triopolitan vanilla, if you were wondering.)

    You know what release is awesome for me today? Heo Young Saeng “Mi casa, su casa”. I was prepared to not like it based upon the teasers, but the vocal arrangement is quietly fantastic.


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