Song Review: Sunmi – Go Or Stop?

SUNMI - Go or StopSeveral days after announcing her online concert, Sunmi surprise-released new CF single Go Or Stop. The song is “inspired” by KIA, presumably because cars go and… stop? Whatever the motivation, it’s always great to hear new music from Sunmi. Go Or Stop pairs her with frequent collaborator Frants, and comes close to being a real highlight.

I love how relentlessly upbeat Go’s instrumental is. When it comes to tempo, K-pop so often ebbs and flows. But, it’s satisfying when a dance track remains danceable all the way through. It’s ironic that a song called “Go Or Stop” would be the one to buck this trend! Its pulsing beat thumps with a single-minded intensity, and I love when a sprinkle of keys joins the party for the pre-chorus. This arrangement has tons of potential. All it needs is one unique element to set it apart from other songs of this genre.

Go Or Stop could also do with a strong chorus. Given its breakneck pace, this segment needs to explode or deliver a killer hook. Unfortunately, the chorus doesn’t do either of these things. The energy pulls back, and the melody feels stuck in one gear. This is a shame, because the ingredients are here for a knockout song. It’s all just a little undercooked, like a demo that’s not quite there yet. And at a brief two-and-a-half minutes, the song makes no room for a bridge or climax. Sunmi drives Go Or Stop forward with her effortless charisma, and I love hearing her vocals over this brisk beat. But when it comes down to it, this is another October trick: a great idea undercut by a few frustrating choices.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

9 thoughts on “Song Review: Sunmi – Go Or Stop?

  1. It’s actually for a league team called Damwon KIA (the current world champions) since the league of legends World Championship officially kicked off today ahah. But on the song, it goes hard but its too short to really leave an impact.

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  2. I knew I could count on you to articulate why this song sounds only almost amazing. It’s got a great and consistent beat throughout, but the song trips over itself every time the chorus hits and loses a lot of that momentum.


  3. This is totally my style!! It’s got that futuristic look i really like and it’s accompanied by a sick electronic house beat. I agree that the melodies could be improved and the song is too short but i’m more than pleased to hear a track like this. I would give it a 8.75/10 [7,9,9,10].


  4. I really like this. I can’t disagree with any of your critiques, but I’m still happy to add this to the bangers playlist.


  5. I really like “All In” from Jay Park et al, and NELL’s “Glow in the Dark”, plus have absolutely loved everything K/DA has released (more K/DA please, CUBE!) so I guess songs written for games do it for me? This does not surprise me.

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  6. That beat is club-ready. Round of applause for a Sunmi song that doesn’t have a random trap breakdown thrown into it (still love her though.)

    The chorus is… ever-so underwhelming melodically, but the 2nd half where the instrumental gets some breathing room makes up for it.

    I hope her scalp is doing all right after all those color changes.


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