Song Review: BamBam – Who Are You (ft. Seulgi)

BamBam - Who Are You (ft. Seulgi)Ahead of a new 2022 project, BamBam is closing out 2021 with pre-release single Who Are You. The song has already garnered attention thanks to a guest feature from Red Velvet’s Seulgi, but it deserves praise on its own merits as well. After a solo debut that felt a little throwaway, Who Are You takes an evocative turn.

I didn’t have many expectations for this release. I’ve been so bogged down in year-end countdowns that I’ve barely made time to listen to most new teasers. But, this style of gentle, mid-tempo pop makes a surprisingly perfect match for BamBam. Who Are You is essentially a duet, with Seulgi a terrific sparring partner. The two echo each other throughout the track – complimentary tones swirling around the atmospheric arrangement. This is a wisp of a song in the best way. If you were to touch it, it would immediately fade into mist.

On its own, this approach could easily result in music too ephemeral to stick. However, Who Are You is paired with a hearty melody. The verses are largely unremarkable, but the chorus works absolute magic. I love how it takes its time, winding through several distinct refrains that forge together to make an even more effective whole. The track rarely rises above a whisper, yet commands attention all the same. And though the production is just as hushed, the combination of strummed guitar, atmospheric pads and resonant keys helps tease out Who Are You’s subtle drama.

 Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


5 thoughts on “Song Review: BamBam – Who Are You (ft. Seulgi)

  1. There’s something in the way the spotlight during the second verse changes from his voice to her voice while both keep singing that just makes me wanna re-listen to it on and on. It’s not a bombastic vocal perfomance and it doesn’t have to be to mesmerize me.

    That’s how you make duets people. Hoping that they perform this live so we can feel the conection even more.


  2. I was really blown away by this – what a beautiful, tender song, and so well-produced! I think it displaces Jackson’s “LMLY” as my favourite solo project from any of GOT7 so far.


  3. Oh, I really like this. If I were to make a word search of my own overused descriptors for this one, I’d definitely use “hazy” “strummy guitar” and “lovely”.


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