Buried Treasure: KAT-TUN – Crystal Moment

KAT-TUN - Crystal MomentI don’t know whether to classify this as a single or a buried treasure under Bias List rules, but indulge me a bit because it’s not often I get to write about a Johnny’s song that’s actually available on streaming platforms!

KAT-TUN have been venturing into digital distribution since last March, and I hope this continues. Crystal Moment is a special digital single (a very novel concept for Johnny & Associates), released ahead of the group’s new album in March. And though the group have many, many songs better than this one, Crystal Moment is a nice encapsulation of the style I love most from KAT-TUN. I firmly believe that much of their 2011-15 output ranks among the finest pop music ever recorded, and if this track appeals to you at all I recommend tracking down albums like Kusabi and Come Here, plus singles like In Fact, Dead Or Alive and Face To Face. I promise you won’t regret it.

Crystal Moment fuses propulsive dance elements with the spirit of rock music. Kamenashi’s inimitable vocal is placed front and center, though rap is also incorporated more heavily than usual. The chorus isn’t an immediate knockout, but improves with each repetition. More than anything, songs like this are about energy. Crystal Moment plays as ever-increasing footfalls. It would make a great soundtrack for running or working out – all inspiration and hearty, bounding melodies. There’s a reason KAT-TUN are one of my most-played groups. When at their peak, their music is big and bold and unapologetically anthemic.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75


4 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: KAT-TUN – Crystal Moment

  1. The song is quite nice and I like that Johnny’s is doing this, but am I the only one who feels that KAT-TUN is an odd choice to experiment with something like this? Unless they’re just going to start doing this with all their groups and KATTUN just so happens to be the first.


    • Definitely an odd choice! (but I’ll take anything at this point…)

      They probably see KAT-TUN as a less risky option since the group is so established and has been around forever. I imagine they don’t want to cut into the mammoth physical sales of a Snow Man or Kinpuri just yet.


      • What they don’t appreciate is that most stans will buy both physical and the digital single, because not everyone has CD players anymore. And for some of us, the physical CD is essentially unobtanium anyway, because you have to find it at a 3rd party vendor and then pay bucu for shipping. (I mean, for me, I love SuJu, but I am not paying more than $40 or 50 for a physical copy, including shipping. I’ll pay $12 for the virtual only and be happy.)

        Anyway, this song. Yeah, its good. The first half up to the rap a bit workaday, elevated by a nice Real Vocal performance. Then the rap hits and the break, and the song finally finds it groove in the last 30sec outro.


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