Song Review: U-Know (Yunho of TVXQ) – Kimi wa Saki e Iku (You Go Ahead)

U-Know - Kimi wa Saki e IkuAfter Changmin’s Japanese solo album last year, TVXQ’s Yunho is up next. The two previously released solo albums in Japan prior to their 2015 enlistment, and Yunho’s is well worth tracking down if you can. I’m forever salty that Bang wasn’t promoted as a single, and hope that the new album will contain something similar. For now, we’ll have to do with Kimi wa Saki e Iku and its moody music video.

This song takes Yunho down a well-tread path. It’s slinky and groovy – fast enough to dance to but never breathless or heart-racing in tempo. Much of this is due to the instrumental, which opts for muted keys and a shuffling beat that keeps the energy in check. It recalls many TVXQ songs, but the arrangement isn’t as dynamic. Like Changmin’s Human, Kimi wa Saki e Iku chooses to play things relatively  straightforward.

This lithe sound fits Yunho well, and his smooth vocals match the intent of the production, delivering shots of falsetto to compliment the airy vibe. The melody is laid-back but effective, especially during the chorus. But, as a full package I find Kimi wa Saki e Iku a little… boring? It’s the kind of song that would fit well within an album, but not a highlight I’d find myself racing back to. However, it gets bonus points for Yunho himself, who brings excitement and passion to any project he tackles. And, I have a feeling the restrained melodic hooks will sink their teeth in eventually.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


10 thoughts on “Song Review: U-Know (Yunho of TVXQ) – Kimi wa Saki e Iku (You Go Ahead)

  1. Apple Music does not seem to have this or his older Japanese release, which is too bad and weird because Changmin’s last Japanese EP is available. Ah well – I picked up “Eeny Meeny” which is new to me, so that’s nice. Your review indicates that it was part of NOIR, much of which I love, but Apple Music only has it as a single, which is probably how I missed it. I don’t love it the way I love “Thank U”, which just missed my 2021 HM list, but we’ll see what additional listens do.


  2. Also! Have you heard “Love Me or Hate Me” from Song Soowoo? It’s a solo debut and has a great 90s rock vibe to it – the vocal processing on the chorus is giving me big Garbage vibes. It appears to be flying way under the radar even though she’s signed to the same CJ E&M label as Kep1er and TO1. Or maybe not so surprising – the way some of these artists are or aren’t promoted remains baffling to me.

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  3. Bang is inside [ YUNHO Y ] Album, which was a gift to his Japanese Fandom Bigeast, it was not made commercially available. Prior to the Album, Yunho had already performed Bang in Tours and Fan Meeting Events. BTW IN YOUR OPINION what would be the album [YOU GO AHEAD 君は先へ行く] song that would sound best to you as the album’s main track and why?


  4. The first minute, my reaction was subdued, but the song definitely builds. I don’t quite know how, it seems just more layers and white noise, but by the end its a bop for me.


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