Song Review: Heize – Undo

Heize - UndoIt’s been years since I last wrote about a Heize track. She falls in a murky territory that’s not always covered on The Bias List: not an idol herself but often poppy enough to exist within that framework. Today, she’s out with her second full-length album, led by the funky Undo (없었던 일로). The genre proves to be a great match for her skills, offering a slightly more mature take on what many idol groups are doing these days.

Undo opens with rugged synth, promising a dynamic track to come. That bombast never quite reappears, replaced by a groovy, city pop inspired instrumental. It’s nothing we haven’t heard a hundred times before, but the beat is consistently satisfying. It’s upbeat enough to dance to, but chill enough to play in more subdued circles. This balance works for Heize, who imbues the song with her trademark vocal tone. Like the production itself, her performance is aloof and naturally cool.

Melodically, Undo is solid but hesitant. It never goes for the jugular the way a great pop song might, but makes room for a few dramatic turns that keep the track from becoming forgettable coffeehouse fare. The verses and pre-chorus are its strongest assets, offering contrasting energies that play well back-to-back. When stacked against these segments, the chorus feels a bit underwhelming – conceding to the groove rather than elevating it. But overall, this is my favorite Heize single in quite some time.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Heize – Undo

  1. This one reminds me of another song of her, which is Happen, but this feels like a more upbeat version of it.
    Overall, my thoughts on the track are quite familiar. I like its subdued groove, however, the chorus is pretty underwhelming compared to verses and pre-chorus.
    Rating is about right.


  2. Btw, Nick, what do you expect from Enhypen’s new comeback? I watched the first teaser and got really worried ’cause it sounds like another noisy super generic BG fare…😪
    I wish that Shout Out was chosen as a title😡

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  3. The chorus is a bit of let down (없었던 일로~ is pretty catchy though), but I think the track is solid regardless. I really don’t think this is song to dance to at all, but it’s perfect for when you’re just chilling in the car( although I guess that’s most city pop songs) or lounging at home. It’s been a while since I heard from heize and I forgot how unique her voice is. Gotta revisit her tracks

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  4. I love how the different parts of the song contrast, that energy doesn’t let the song die into oblivion and it’s totally enjoyable. I loved it.


  5. I really like HEIZE, she’s just really consistent with her tracks. I like her more slower, moody ballad tracks like “Like the first time,” but this song which is a bit punchier isn’t bad either. Cheeze, Stella Jang, Kim Areum, COOING, there’s just so much talent in the K-female circle who don’t exactly fall into the idol category.


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