Song Review: The Boyz – Timeless

The Boyz - TimelessAugust 2022 is turning into a repeat of August 2021, with many of the same acts making comebacks. The Boyz are one of these groups, set to release their newest mini album in about a week’s time. Before that, they’ve delivered pre-release track Timeless. It’s a pleasant, fan-servicey mid-tempo that suits the season.

I think it takes a killer melody to make a song of this style stand out. Timeless doesn’t quite get there, but it’s nice to hear the guys sing after several comebacks that’ve prioritized catchphrasey exclamations. If I ever hear “back in the game, son!” again, it’ll be too soon. Timeless is almost the antidote to a song like Maverick. It’s light and bubbly and pretty inconsequential. It only gains prominence at its climax, when a smartly-placed key change ushers in a series of harmonies that give the chorus the oomph it needed from the start. I wish The Boyz would harness this sound more often. Timeless ends on a blissful note, and I spent subsequent listens waiting to get back to that point.

Overall, the song occupies the “end-of-album” slot, where you might want to wind down with something sentimental and bland. It’s not the kind of song that’s meant to be picked apart critically. It does its job in an enjoyable way, even if someone like me is unlikely to return to it without the context of an album. I’m more interested to see what The Boyz come up with for their title track. After a series of sonic missteps, I’d love to see them knock it out of the park.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75


6 thoughts on “Song Review: The Boyz – Timeless

  1. Compared to the abominations of Maverick and She’s the Boss, this is definitely a step up, but at the same time the track does absolutely nothing for me. I mean, it’s pleasant, in a pleasing way, as Mymagoogle described Copycat by Apink Chobom one day, but there’s just so much underwhelming material coming out recently in K-pop. So it’s no surprise that I want something much more than this. Agree with the rating.


  2. The Boyz go soft. This song is “Timeless” because every boy band at some point put out a soft mid-summer one just like this. I like the instrumental on this. I like the gentle vocals. It all goes all plonky plonky easy peasy lemon squeezy. But then runs out of ideas at only 2:30 and so it is time for a Key Change!

    Rating feels about right – High 7’s for me. More if you are a Boyz stan.

    My favorite happy clappy song of the day is Koyote “Go”. There are a million of these in kpop as well, and this one sound like this year’s version of the SSAK3 beach song last year, but it is all good fun. It made me smile for a few minutes.


  3. My rating is pretty high due to my bias for The Boyz. I Love this song.

    Also, it seems I’m one of the few that enjoyed Maverick


  4. I like it a lot, but I’m also pretty biased. I could name every member just by hearing their vocals, and I’m part of the audience whom they targeted with this song. Anyways, I’m kind of sorta excited and nervous to see what their new title track will sound like precisely because retro synth was part of the description.


  5. This is really pretty. I’m not a stan but I end up liking a lot of their songs, this included. The melody is charming.


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