Song Review: 8LOOM – Forever Or Never

8LOOM - Forever Or Never8LOOM is a fictional idol group starring in TBS’s fall drama “Kimi no Hana ni Naru” (“I Will Be Your Bloom”). I recommend watching if you like cheesy teen dramas with an idol group at the center (spoiler alert: I do). Though 8LOOM is a temporary project to promote the drama, they’ve been releasing music like any other idol group and have become a sensation within certain J-pop circles. I wouldn’t be surprised if the powers-that-be found some way to extend their contract.

I first wrote about 8LOOM as part of October’s “global round-up” feature, and since then they’ve gone on to release several other songs tied to the drama. Given their purpose, the music is much stronger than it needs to be. In fact, I’d argue they’ve been given better material than actual-boy-group INI, whose members make guest appearances in the drama as 8LOOM’s rivals. “Debut” track Come Again has a wicked chorus, and new single Forever Or Never pulls off the kind of propulsive boy group dance pop sound I love so much.

This is straightforward idol pop. It does exactly what it says on the box. But, it’s also laser-focused on its goal. The verses have a satisfying build that showcases the members’ vocals and the surging chorus is pure bliss. This refrain takes a multi-pronged approach with sly hooks building upon each other. I’m most addicted to its second half, where the phrasing becomes more rhythmic and compliments the song’s brisk energy. The producer (long-time J-pop composer UTA) is quite heavy-handed with the vocal effects, but the approach casts a sheen that works surprisingly well here.

Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

Grade: B+


3 thoughts on “Song Review: 8LOOM – Forever Or Never

  1. Oooh this is sleek, thanks for reviewing it!

    Nick, please tell me you’ve heard of new J-pop group The Super Fruit! They’re my latest obsession and their music is so fun and uplifting! Chiguhagu was their debut and surprise breakout hit in Japan, and it’s so catchy, but their newest song they released yesterday, Baka Bakka absolutely rips. I hope it becomes a hit like Chiguhagu and that they get even bigger in 2023!


  2. Sleek, yes, as mentioned above. Highly polished.
    Not very rangey in vocal or instrumental, except for some high falsettos here and there, so it does wash over easily, perhaps too easily like a Lo-Fi Beats youtube chill video.


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