The Top Ten Best Songs by VIXX

Top Ten Best Singles by VixxVixx is known to many as Korea’s “concept idols.” For much of their career, they’ve explored the darker, more fantasy-influenced tropes of kpop. From vampires to cyborgs, they’ve offered us some of the most dynamic visuals and routines of the past few years. More than that, they’ve been incredibly reliable as albums artists, whose b-sides are often as high quality as their title tracks. They haven’t been around as long as some of the more established acts, but have left a strong mark in just over three years on the scene.

REVISED 5/6/16

10. Love Equation (2015)

Actually a reinterpretation of an older 90’s kpop track, Love Equation split opinion when it saw the guys move (briefly) into a bright, aegyo-filled concept.

9. Voodoo Doll (2013)

Voodoo Doll one-upped their past few singles by going full-on horror show, with a chugging beat and sledgehammer of a chorus. Not one of their more melodic pieces, but definitely an adrenaline rush.

8. Chained Up (2015)

Tackling the daring concept of BDSM, the guys came back last year with a track that balanced, dark, percolating verses with a singalong, anthemic chorus.

7. Eternity (2014)

With its propulsive chorus and relentless beat, Eternity marked a subtle shift in their concept, from horror to a more sci-fi approach.

6. Depend On Me (2016)

A near-perfect brew of orchestral elements, heavy beats and sky high vocals. It may be one of their newer releases, but it already ranks among their very best. (Full review here)

5. On & On (2013)

Forget about Thriller! If anything sounds like the undead pulling themselves from the ground and lurching around to a beat, it’s this hard hitting electro dance track.

4. Dynamite (2016)

Tackling day-glo 80’s funk, Dynamite packs more punch in its tight, endlessly inventive structure than most entire albums. It’s further proof that VIXX can tackle any genre. (Full review here)

3. Hyde (2013)

A paranoid attack of gothic synths and taut rhythmic structures that wind themselves to the point of breaking. Hyde is a chase that never ends, and provided for some of the most dramatic and innovative choreography the group has given us.

2. G.R.8.U. (2013)

Vixx’s lighter tracks often go unloved compared to their more daring material, but the punchy production and soaring hook cause G.R.8.U. to be a total standout in their discography. Few songs they’ve recorded have managed to be so effortlessly fun, while retaining their intense sound.

1. Error (2014)

A full science fiction drama crammed into just under four minutes of the most bombastic, emotive pop that Vixx has put their name to. Every last aspect of the melody and production sweeps in with full, dense grandeur and gives the track a larger than life quality. The high budget, evocative music video only adds to the song’s memorable concept and dark, near-operatic mood.


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