K-Pop Producer Spotlight: Coach & Sendo

If there’s anything I’ve learned from covering pop music for over a decade, it’s that songwriters and collaborators are just as important as the artists themselves. Though they often work behind the scenes, this feature is a chance to shine the light on some of k-pop’s most innovative and accomplished producers and composers.

Coach & Sendo

Years active: 2013-present

Associated Acts: SHINee, TVXQ, NCT, Super Junior

Their sound: Bright, retro synths with touches of funk and EDM. Classic pop choruses with a strong 80’s influence that blend elements of old-school r&b with big, sing-along hooks.

Why you should love them: If you’re looking for the kind of breezy, throwback pop music that used to much more common than it is today, Coach & Sendo are your guys. Most of their material has been created for SM Entertainment artists, but they’re beginning to branch out to other agencies as well. Their work for TVXQ and Super Junior has a live instrument, old-school appeal that feels wonderfully timeless. However, their sweet spot is the 80’s, with fantastic synth-funk b-sides for groups like Romeo and The Boyz.

Examples of their best work:


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