The Top 10 K-Pop Producers of 2020

“Follow the producers.” That’s been my mantra since day one. Yes, there are certain idol groups who catch my attention more than others, but when it comes down to it, it’s the songs that really matter. And although they might not get the same attention, composers and producers are the ones responsible for the music that fuels K-pop.

2020 continued to see a shift in generations. Most of my favorite second gen producers were inactive or very limited in their output, making way for a host of new creators. But, with teams of western composers making up more and more of K-pop’s songwriting credits, it could be hard to uncover the next generation of Korean talent.

2020 Year-End Masterpost


Judging by my ratings for the songs below, it was clear that Melanie Fontana’s work was very hit or miss in 2020. But, her name was omnipresent in K-pop, and attached to a few of the year’s best pop songs.

The Bias List Producer Spotlight

2020 Highlights:
Twice – I Can’t Stop Me
TXT – Wishlist, Can’t You See Me, Puma, Way Home
BTS – On, Stay Gold
CLC – Helicopter
Everglow – No Good Reason
ENHYPEN – Given-Taken
Blackswan – Tonight
IU – Into The I-LAND
Secret Number – Who Dis?


As the core architects of Stray Kids’ sound, 3Racha get most of the credit for the groups’ 2020 highlights — as well as some of the blame for their not-so-great material. But, there are few idol producers with as unique a voice as them, and this was another strong year for their music.

2020 Highlights:
Stray Kids – God’s Menu, Back Door, Haven, Ta, TOP, Pacemaker, Ex


(BLSSD’s former duo, RPHABET, pictured above)

I have my personal issues with a few of BLSSD’s musical preferences (he doesn’t really do “upbeat,” for instance…), but there’s no denying his talent. His productions this year were inventive, polished and meticulous.

The Bias List Producer Spotlight (Rphabet)

2020 Highlights:
Golden Child – One (Lucid Dream), Without You, Pass Me By
Sungkyu – I’m Cold, Fade, Climax
GOT7 – Love You Better


An up-and-coming team, Papermaker makes it onto this list thanks to their work with rookies GHOST9. I don’t think they’ve yet unlocked their full potential, but it feels like there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to their adventurous sound.

2020 Highlights:
GHOST9 – Think Of Dawn, W.ALL, Reborn, It’s Gonna Be Hot, Flying At Night, Splash
TOO – Don’t Fear Now
H&D – Soul
IZ*ONE – So Curious

6. E.ONE

E.one have long been a staple on this countdown, and continue to be my girl group producers of choice. Their synth-heavy sound is instantly recognizable, and continued to flourish in 2020. They still didn’t get to take the reins of a title track (what’s up with that, K-pop industry?), but their b-sides certainly impressed.

The Bias List Producer Spotlight

2020 Highlights:
GFriend – Tarot Cards, Here We Are
April – Doll, You.zip
IZ*ONE – Sequence, Merry-Go-Round, Mise-en-Scène
Twice – Say Something
Lovelyz – Memories
IMFACT – Lalida


Coach & Sendo have been on my radar for awhile, but 2020 brought a couple of real classics to their discography. They seem to be developing a penchant for playful, tempo-shifting funk pop, and I hope that continues to flourish in the new year.

The Bias List Producer Spotlight

2020 Highlights:
The Boyz – The Stealer
P1Harmony – Nemonade
LOONA – Oh (Yes I Am)
Pentagon – Asteroid
Astro – When You Call My Name


Ryan S. Jhun is one of those names you see attached to so many K-pop tracks. Given this, I’m not sure that his music has an easily identifiable sound. But, just look at all the big-name tracks he was a part of this year! He scores tons of points for his work with Oh My Girl and WayV alone.

The Bias List Producer Spotlight

2020 Highlights:
Oh My Girl – Dolphin
YooA – Bon Voyage, Far, Abracadabra
WayV – Electric Hearts, After Midnight
SuperM – 100
VAV – Made For Two
NCT 127 – Punch
Taemin – Just Me And You
Victon – Nightmare
IZ*ONE – Eyes


Monotree’s Hwang Hyun has been a personal favorite for years, and he started to really break out this year. Led by his work with ONF (and that fantastic Road To Kingdom remix), his name became synonymous with big, inventive synth pop.

The Bias List Producer Spotlight

2020 Highlights:
ONF – New World, Sukhumvit Swimming, Geppeto, It’s Raining (RTK Remix)
GFriend – Apple, Wheel Of The Year
TOO – Take It Slow
Elris – No Big Deal
Yukika – Shade
Seventeen – I Wish


Edenary continued to be one of the industry’s most dynamic teams of creators. I’m not sure that their work had quite as much consistency as in 2019, but they still feel like a vital force in this generation of K-pop. I mean, just look at the triple whammy of Answer, Scream and OMG! That’s enough to celebrate them for weeks on end.

The Bias List Producer Spotlight (LEEZ)

2020 Highlights:
ATEEZ – Answer, Horizon, Precious, Inception, Thanxx, Fever, Good Lil’ Boy
Dreamcatcher – Scream, Black Or White, Tension, Sahara, In The Frozen, Boca, Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind
Golden Child – OMG
Siyeon – Paradise
Younha – Winter Flower (ft. RM)
BTOB 4U – Show Your Love


Frants scores the top spot on this countdown for the first time. The industry’s retro trend feels like a match made in heaven with his strengths as a songwriter. After all, he’s been tackling this sound for years with the likes of Sunmi and Wonder Girls. I’m so happy that 2020 brought his style to a wider audience. He’s responsible for multiple songs in multiple top tens on my countdowns, as well as some truly exciting b-sides.

The Bias List Producer Spotlight

2020 Highlights:
GFriend – Labyrinth, Apple, MAGO, Stairs In The North, Love Spell
Sunmi – Pporappippam, Gotta Go
TXT – Eternally
Lee Daehwi – Rose, Scent, Kiss
ENHYPEN – Let Me In (20 Cube)


9 thoughts on “The Top 10 K-Pop Producers of 2020

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  2. Merry Christmas from Australia! Idk if you celebrate it but for everyone that does, I hope they receive the present of finding this site!!😁


  3. looks like MELANIE FONTANA has been doing really well this year!…. “On,” “Helicopter,” “I Can’t Stop Me,” “Stay Gold,” “Tonight” and “Who Dis?” make me want to marry her!


  4. Merry Christmas Nick! Will your ever do a Top Christmas K-pop songs? There’s quite a few out there (especially the ones by companies — Fantagio’s and WM’s are my personal favourites… I know you love B1A4’s 2015 Christmas release) so i was wondering if you ever had plans to review them!


  5. Omg I am so happy to see who is behind some of my favorite songs. Monotree is 10/10 and I will follow papermaker more. They worked with all my favorite ghost9 tracks! (Also nice to see 3racha on the list. The dream team.)


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