The Top Ten Best Songs by OH MY GIRL

Since their debut in 2015, WM Entertainment’s Oh My Girl have solidified a unique place within the K-pop industry. Blending ethereal soundscapes with quirky songwriting, the girls have a style all to themselves. Barring an oddly conceived sub-unit, they’ve also developed a near-flawless discography. Here are all of their singles, ranked up to the very best.

10. Banana Allergy Monkey (2018)

As Oh My Girl’s first sub-unit, Banana Allergy Monkey indulged in the quirkiest sides of the group’s music. It’s a love or hate it affair, built upon high-pitched vocals and a repetitive (ie: potentially cloying) hook. (full review)

9. Listen To My Word (A-ing) (ft. Skull & Haha) (2016)

A cover of an already-loved K-pop track, A-ing acted as a breakout of sorts for the group. This is ironic, since it’s one of the least “Oh My Girl” style tracks they’ve recorded. It’s still a great summer song, but certainly more generic than their best work. (full review)

8. Coloring Book (2017)

Polarizing upon its debut, Coloring Book’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach results in Oh My Girl’s most boisterous title track. It’s stuffed to the brim with ideas, and some work better than others. But, its unbridled energy is difficult to resist. (full review)

7. Cupid (2015)

Driven by marching band percussion and spunky rhythm guitar, Cupid gave an early look at what would become an incredibly quirky, inventive discography. It’s still one of the strongest girl group debuts of its year.

6. Liar Liar (2016)

A full realization of the group’s brash, candy-coated side, Liar Liar bounds along a bratty, addictive chorus, buoyed by bright carnival synths and undeniable attitude. (full review)

5. Secret Garden (2018)

Refining the enchanting, dreamlike quality they’d first hinted at with 2015’s Closer, Secret Garden takes spacey synths and marries them to a gorgeous melody to create a stately single that took advantage of the group’s impressive vocal line. (full review)

4. The Fifth Season (SSFWL) (2019)

Blossoming from slow-burn verses, The Fifth Season’s immense, symphonic chorus is the stuff of K-pop legends. Adding layer upon layer to the instrumental, the song climaxes in the kind of over-the-top musical drama the industry was built on — all while retaining Oh My Girl’s delicate, nuanced touch. (full review)

3. Closer (2015)

Lush and ethereal, Closer offered the first taste of Oh My Girl’s compelling fairy tale motif. Rich vocal layering and gorgeous refrains combine to create a real knockout of a single, proving that you can do just as much with a whisper as a full-throated power note. (full review)

2. Remember Me (2018)

A brilliant balance between Oh My Girl’s dueling concepts, Remember Me offers hard-hitting, hip-hop-infused verses and a soaring chorus that features one of the best melodies in their discography. It’s an immensely satisfying single, packing everything you could want into a taut, cinematic three minutes. (full review)

1. Windy Day (2016)

One of the most unique girl group tracks in recent memory, Windy Day presents a slow build, folksy verse before exploding in a kaleidoscopic, ABBA-esque chorus. It’s a song that uses dynamics to its advantage, nailing its hushed and bombastic moments in equal measure. There has never been a K-pop title track quite like this, and I don’t know if there will ever be another. Windy Day is the perfect showcase for the idiosyncratic elements that make Oh My Girl such an interesting group. (full review)


15 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by OH MY GIRL

  1. great list! Oh My Girl easily have one of the strongest discographies of any Kpop group. I even liked Banana Allergy Monkey, and I thought the mini was actually pretty good. It’s incredibly how they can pull off songs as different as Closer, Remember Me, and Windy Day. Also, wasn’t One Step Two Step (Step by Step) a single? That would definitely be in the top 5 for me.

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  2. Yesssss!
    Interesting to hear if you created this list from your ranking system, or from scratch, or a combo of both.
    I have to say that my most-listened to song by OMG is “A-ing”. Its one of my happy pick me up go-to songs.
    “Windy Day” is their version of an “Ice Cream Cake” song. Very creative songwriting that actually works. Iconic K-pop.
    And finally, I freely admit that I resisted Banana Allergy monkey and also Liar Liar for very long because the pitch of the songs are so frickin high, and they remind me of Kidz bop songs.


    • These lists are always a combo of both, since reviews are really only snapshots of a moment and certain songs tend to grow or fade over time.


  3. Vocally, OMG probably has one of the best out there. Great list, even for a non fan like me. They are indeed an interesting group; one that doesn’t overtly rely upon visuals or sexiness. More often than not, it’s the strength of their vocal ability that’s more appealing.

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  4. Oh My Girl really have sneakily become one of my favorite girl groups over the past few years. Imo:

    10. Cupid, for being rhythmically confusing. And confusing in general, really.

    9. Banana Allergy Monkey, because none of us needed this in our lives, but also we all did. It’s not that bad.

    8. A-ing – nice but forgettable, as you said.

    7. SSFWL – Spends 60% of its time not doing much, the other 40% is pure gold on the same level as any of their best.

    6. Remember Me – Actually has the same problem as SSFWL, but at least those verses have a pulse to them.

    5. Liar Liar – Now this is just great all the way through, with everything in the arrangement turned up to 1000. Spiritually the kpop girl group sugar-pop version of Wagner, if you feel me.

    4. Coloring Book – A bop like Liar Liar, with even less subtlety, but more drums and screeching. I love that. Every bit of this song works, fight me.

    3. Closer – Honestly one of the most successful ballad-ish girl group songs in kpop ever, and would easily eclipse most groups’ best songs.

    2. Windy Day – Kpop groups never do this, but they should. Stuffed with interesting textures, harmonies, and overall rocking-ness, Windy Day is the epitome of good pop music.

    1. Secret Garden – AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhHhhHHHHHHHHperfectionhhhhhhHHHAAAAAHHHHHHHH

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