Song Review: Blitzers – Bobbin

Blitzers - BobbinI become a broken record when writing about how important a “signature sound” is for rookie groups. But, I stand by my opinion – even when that sound isn’t 100% to my taste. Blitzers have definitely embraced their specific rock-influenced style, and that’s helped them gain a foothold within a sea of rookies. I’m a big fan of rock in K-pop, but I don’t think these guys have yet matched that vision to equally-impressive songwriting.

Bobbin (끄덕끄덕끄덕) is another step in the right direction. I appreciate how constant the rock influences are. They inform nearly every moment of the track, combining with K-pop’s love for shout-rap. The guitars are wonderfully boisterous and make all that shouting feel intentional rather than lazy. Bobbin is definitely intense. This cathartic energy works well for the group. Their skills feel up to the challenge. But just like previous single Will Make A Mistake, Bobbin could do with a meatier hook. If you were to strip all the bombast away from the actual song, I fear there wouldn’t be much left.

Thankfully, this bombast carries Bobbin over the line. Its brashness is a sharp weapon that will likely lead to great live stages. And though I may not be bowled over by the chorus, it’s probably the group’s most memorable hook yet. If anything, I wish Blitzers went harder throughout the entire track. Its quieter moments are still anchored by rock-infused bass, but it’s disappointing to hear Bobbin spin its wheels when it could be howling.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


12 thoughts on “Song Review: Blitzers – Bobbin

  1. Easy best single of the day. I can stand shout rap more than most, and rock is always a win. That bass loop was so catchy and should have been used a little more, and yes, I would have line the verses to be a bit meatier. But, I feel that the chorus here is the best of the day, and easily the best off their singles. I do not know where I would rank this amongst their singles so far, but if Will Make A Mistake’s longevity is any proof, I’m going to be playing this a lot. 8.5 for me.

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  2. I loved this!!! The chorus was a banger!! I was not expecting the music to go so hard! 😂❤️ Also I would say this is their most intense song so far. The other two had a playful fun kinda vibe but this one felt a lot more fire. These boys are usually amazing on stage though – fun choreo and a fair share of acrobatics, so I’m looking forward to it! This might be my favourite release of the day – mostly because of the surprisingly strong rock in the chorus! ❤️

    And that’s it! I was really waiting to comment on this and I’m happy you seem to have liked some things about it! Also great job on putting out all these reviews, Nick! Day One and we’ve got so much at once! 😂


  3. The opening 10 seconds of instrumental got me real hyped, I was like oh damn what we gonna get here. The first minute and a half were good, BUT THEN when we get to around 2 min mark and I really REALLY get into it. It scratches a lot of my (usually non kpop) itches.

    Now I need a lie down after listening to all these songs lmao.


  4. I love them so much. They are one of my favorite rookie groups. I have to admit when I first heard the title I wondered how they were going to incorporate sewing.

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  5. Now, this, THIS is what I mean.

    It’s been such a long time since Linkin Park last sounded like Linkin Park. 😌


    This is Geonu’s group’s (Doyum’s?) misplaced first comeback. Losing the sheets meant Bluedot had to borrow Vroom Vroom Skrrrt’s twin.

    But seriously, I think the chorus sounds like a Linkin Park’s song intro. Which makes it harder than around 97% of K-pop, and hence I like it more than around 97% of K-pop (though I could do without the guy with the Mickey Mouse voice). This is probably the hardest they’ll ever go, though😢

    “If anything, I wish Blitzers went harder throughout the entire track.”

    A man after my own heart.

    Still, I think they deserve the Critics’ Choice Award in the category of Sonic Consistency – Male Rookies, before they drop something in sailor suits or some such.

    Cat ears?

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  6. I think this will grow on me like many rap-rock songs do but you know what’s great? Their B side Simon Says. Just a minute thirty and it’s great pure punk/garage rock, lots of distortion, and a bad attitude. Best real idol-adjacent rock since Colde’s Lighter.

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  7. I rather enjoy this, but I really really wish they’d fix the vocal mixing. Idk if it’s a lot of autotune or it’s just not EQ’d to my liking but the vocals sound muddy to me and that hurts the song a bit. Still, always happy to hear more groups embracing rock influences!

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  8. I know the vocal processing in the MV is what probably irks many people so here’s a live version they did!

    I am not an expert at the whole live or backing track thingy but this sounds hella real to me – atleast more than the MV 😉


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