End Of Year Countdowns Preview & Honorable Mentions

The Bias List‘s end of the year countdowns officially kick off tomorrow, and I’m starting with the big one. The first ten selections of my Top 50 Singles of 2017 will be unveiled on Monday, with ten more each weekday until the number one song is revealed on Friday. After that, I’ll be looking at this year’s top artists, albums, rookies, producers, music videos, album tracks, and more.

Basically, there will be more countdowns than anyone probably asked for — in addition to my regularly scheduled song reviews and features, of course!

2017 has been a strange year. No Infinite, no SHINee… but plenty of disbandments and member shifts. It was a year where k-pop embraced international trends, quite often to my own personal frustration. But in between the underwhelming moments, there were more than enough triumphs to create a very strong list of notable singles.

Before the first batch is unveiled, take a look back at my top 50 from last year, and take a listen to five songs that just barely failed to make this year’s countdown:

2017 Honorable Mentions

Yezi – Anck Su Namun (review)

Taemin – Move (review)

Kim Lip (LOONA) – Eclipse (review)

Momoland – Wonderful Love (review)

S.E.S – Paradise (review)



8 thoughts on “End Of Year Countdowns Preview & Honorable Mentions

  1. Whoa, I can’t believe I’ve been reading like every post on this blog for a whole year!

    Also “No Infinite… no SHINee”. RIP. What a year.


    • I can’t believe I’ve been posting every day for almost TWO years. I’m surprised my brain isn’t completely fried!

      I always appreciate your comments, by the way. It’s nice to have interaction rather than me just pouring out my thoughts day after day. Hope to have you as a reader next year, too!

      And yes… RIP 2017. In so many ways…


    • I have a feeling it will be on a lot of top ten lists this year!

      I love the song, but couldn’t justify adding it to my main list because when I looked back at the year I really hadn’t been compelled to listen to it all that much. It’s weird… some songs are really stellar but just don’t seem to have the lasting impact on my personal playlists that I would expect.


      • totally agree,i loved eclipse the second i heard it and downloaded it right away but just didnt feel that compelled to listen to it that much after the first 2-3 days,same with singing in the rain. not surprisingly, its the more pop-sounding songs by the subunits that i constantly put on repeat. e.g sweet crazy love,girl front,love&live.i also surprisingly listen to the orchestral mess of sonatine way more than i would thought.


      • Yeah i started listen to this song since 2/3 weeks ago so it’s kinda new and i don’t know if this song will have a lasting impact or not for me. And the reason i love this song because of the overall production + kim lip sweet voice. And i really love Loonatic by Loona OEC 🙂 i wish that song will include on your top 50


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