Song Review: Golden Child – Genie

When it comes to boy groups, it seems like the majority of international fans prefer a darker, more brooding concept. I’m the exact opposite, which makes Golden Child a gift straight from K-pop heaven. I’ve seen some online chatter hoping that the group will quickly transition to a “dark child” concept, presumably tackling moody sounds like trap and future bass. I couldn’t disagree more strongly. Obviously their music is going to mature as the guys do, but the last thing I want to see is Golden Child blending in with every one of their peers.

Thankfully, Genie is another shot of unadulterated pop bliss. There are influences of today’s trends (some tropical noodling in the introduction, a deep house rhythm during the verses), but by and large Genie is classic pop songcraft, delivered with verve. Pulling back on the guitar-driven sound of this summer’s Let Me, Genie pulses with a light-on-its-feet electronic energy. Greater prominence is given to the group’s rappers this time around, which adds to the rhythmic drive of the verses.

In keeping with their agency Woollim Entertainment, the vocal layering during Genie’s standout chorus gives off baby Infinite vibes. The falsetto here is even better, taking advantage of underrated main vocal Joochan’s emotive tone. But my favorite of the song’s surprises happens during the bridge. The instrumental seems headed into a lurching trap breakdown, only to slam back with renewed vigor. This dance break could honestly have gone on longer and carried into the final chorus, but luckily a few well-placed power notes spark excitement during the song’s climax. An unashamedly upbeat group like Golden Child won’t be for everyone. But they are 100% for me, and they haven’t disappointed yet.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 10
 RATING 9.25



21 thoughts on “Song Review: Golden Child – Genie

  1. You’ve given out like three nines in the past couple of days and I haven’t really been caught by any of them. Golcha generally kill it so this will probably grow on me. Also, on a totally inconsequential note, who’s the dude who throws an side arial? On the one hand it’s impressive because he manages to make it around while apparently refusing to use his arms for momentum (also he’s wearing skinny jeans) and on the other hand he needs to straighten his legs or else he’s gonna kick someone squarely in the scalp. Who would choreograph a flying death wheel into the middle of a formation???? The only idol who I trust to tumble remotely well is Cheng Xiao. The rest generally scare the crap out of me.

    P.P.S It’s so sad how dark concepts have become. I remember when “dark” was like Back or Error. That’s definitely a TT


    • Haha that’s Tag… and I can’t wait to see how they pull this off during the lives.

      About the 9’s: I’m as shocked as you are. Chalk it up to three songs that have managed to specifically target musical biases of mine. High energy. Big choruses. Bombastic instrumentals. Check, check, check. I love it, but I know it’s not for everyone.

      And over the course of the year, I’ve admittedly become supremely biased toward Golcha. They’re like the brightly colored antidote to my least favorite trends of 2018. There will probably be a buried treasure coming up soon for track three on their new album. It’s absolutely immense…. like a more experimental/weird The Chaser.

      That N.Tic song really needs to be heard apart from the atrocious video to be fully enjoyed, but I’m surprised you’re not digging the Soya track. Too straightforward for you?

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      • On second listen I’m super into Genie, actually. I mean, I’m also into high energy and big choruses, as you might’ve noticed. Not really sure what hasn’t grabbed me about “Artist” yet, however. On paper, I should really love it. It even has an extended electric guitar solo! I don’t know what it is?


  2. tfw when you know ur gonna love the song the second it starts. golcha are frighteningly reliable. the album is full of bops too ~ eyes on you is everything

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  3. Absolutely agree! I also saw the online comments from fellow fans hoping for “dark child” and I was so scared they would actually ditch their fresh and energetic concept!I can’t understand why so many people prefer the dark trap/ moody edm sound.. But I shouldn’t have worried. This song is just pure bliss, especially the chorus is so addictive. Golden Child has established themselves as my favourite group besides Seventeen!

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