Song Review: Snuper – The Star Of Stars

Over the past year and a half, underrated group Snuper have gone from strength to strength, solidifying a signature sound and cultivating a growing fan base. They were never going to be an act who hits it big right out of the gate. For the most part, their music bucks current trends in favor of a more retro approach. But with producers Sweetune on board for nearly every track they’ve recorded, they’ve quickly become one of the most consistent groups in k-pop. The Star Of Stars (유성) is yet another outstanding entry in their burgeoning discography.

The song continues from where April’s excellent Back:Hug left off, borrowing that track’s tropical synths but sprinkling them over a much more ethereal instrumental. Stars‘ wispy production washes the track in a wall of electronics, anchored by the propulsive beat at its core. At times, the music nearly overpowers the members themselves, but never to the point of feeling out of balance. Instead, the ever-building tempo keeps things moving at a clip, constantly swirling and pulsing around the lush, layered vocals.

To tell the truth, Stars‘ post-chorus was stuck in my head long before the actual song was released. It featured prominently in the music video teaser, and acts as a core melody for both the vocal and instrumental hook. Given how incredibly catchy as it is, I’m actually surprised that the full chorus leads with an additional melodic line. Taken in tandem, these two elements create an inescapable punch of pop music magic that feels perfectly portioned. Snuper’s performance is growing more potent as they continue to find the sweet spot when it comes to their delivery both as soloists and a team, and it feels like we’re watching a group really start to come into their own. It’s not too late to jump on board!

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 10
 RATING  9.25


5 thoughts on “Song Review: Snuper – The Star Of Stars

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