K-Pop Risers & Fallers: November 2022

Risers & FallersRather than contain my “Risers and Fallers” feature to a single post in June, I’m going to share a bite-sized version at the end of each month. This will let me account for more songs and make a nice lead-in to the monthly round-up post.

I anticipate most of these ratings adjustments will be negligible: a 0.5 shift here, a 0.25 shift there. But, it’s a fun way to keep track of how my feelings on songs have changed over time – as well as which tracks currently have momentum on my playlist.

And remember, just because a song is marked as a “faller” doesn’t mean I hate it! Falling from a “9” to an “8.75” is no shame. 9+ rated songs occupy a totally different playlist in my music library, so I’m pretty particular about what qualifies. It’s a high bar.

This month’s feature covers the period from October 22nd to November 23rd.


B.I – Keep Me Up
Rating: 8.25 → 8.5

DRIPPIN – The One 
Rating: 8.75 → 9

Fifty Fifty – Higher
Rating: 7.75 → 8

Highlight – Alone
Rating: 7.75 → 8

Nature – Limbo! *Biggest Riser*
Rating: 8.25 → 8.75

Rie (OnlyOneOf) – Because
Rating: 8.5 → 8.75

TO1 – Freeze Tag 
Rating: 8.25 → 8.5

Trendz – Vagabond
Rating: 8.25 → 8.5

Rating: 7.75 → 8.25

Victon – Virus
Rating: 7.5 → 8


AleXa – Back In Vogue
Rating: 7 → 6.75

JYP – Groove Back *Biggest Faller*
Rating: 8 → 7.5

Kim Jonghyeon – Lights
Rating: 7.25 → 6.75


27 thoughts on “K-Pop Risers & Fallers: November 2022

  1. Hey Nick. Unrelated but I’ve recently found myself going out of my comfort zone known as kpop and I have discovered some really good music, finding out that funky and disco music is my favorite. With that in mind, do you have any recommendations for that type of music? I noticed I tend to really enjoy the songs that you like. Some of my favorites works include ‘Treasure’ by Bruno Mars, ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘In The Night’ by The Weeknd, ‘Physical’ by Dua Lipa or ‘Hard To Love’ by Robin Packalen.

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        • If you’re looking for my favorite old-school funk-pop it would be the archetypes like Janet and Michael Jackson, Prince and classic new jack swing like Bobby Brown, Guy and early TLC. I also think 80’s UK act Five Star were super underrated in this realm.

          Jumping waaay forward, I think you’d like the group Private. They only released one album, but it’s pretty much perfect. It was Thomas Troelsen’s band (he’s the genius behind SHINee’s Sherlock, EXO’s History and many other K-pop classics).

          As far as modern funk-pop/disco of the past couple years, it may be worth checking out the following acts: Agnes, Jessie Ware, Raye, Kim Petras, Regard, Lauren Mvula

          Otherwise, definitely go through my global round-up and last year’s top global countdown: https://thebiaslist.com/2021/12/29/the-top-40-pop-songs-of-2021-40-21/

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    • Taemin’s Press Your Number was actually written by Bruno Mars. Also you should just go ahead and check out Taemin because he’s amazing (e.g. Criminal, Want, Move).

      I’ve also heard Key’s Guilty Pleasure be compared with The Weeknd. I’d also highly recommend Key’s Another Life and NCT 127’s Superhuman.

      (Coincidentally these are all songs Nick has given high scores to!)

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    • Here’s a handful to get you started of my faves. (Note I am old) The band Heatwave. Michael Jackson – Off the Wall (song and album). Trammps- Disco Inferno. KC and the Sunshine Band – pretty much everything. The Gap Band – Burn Rubber. Junior – Mama Used to Say. Cheryl Lynn – To Be Real. Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove. The Whispers – Rock Steady. Sylvester – Mighty Real. Zapp. Have fun!


    • I recommend Funk Friday. For those outside radio distance, he streams on occasion a big big mix mashup of old disco and funk blended with some newer stuff too.


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  6. My personal list looks like this:


    Nature – Limbo (8.5 – 8.75)
    B.I – Keep Me Up (8.5 – 8.75)
    Rie – Because (8.5 – 9, biggest riser)
    Xdinary Heroes – Hair Cut (6.5 – 7.75, surprisingly, it managed to grow on me)
    Verivery – Tap Tap (7.75 – 8)

    Trendz – Vagabond (7.25 – 6.75)
    woo!ah! – Rollercoaster (8.75 – 8.5)

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  7. No real movement really except I like the new NTX song more and more. It’s a signal that the boy group stuff is starting to get better. They are talking the talk and it makes me feel special.


  8. My biggest riser from your list would have to be Rie (OnlyOneOf)’s Because. It didn’t grab me at first like #2 in the series did, but after awhile I realized it’s the third classic from this series (along with #1 & #2) that will permanently be on my All-Time Favorite K-Pop playlist (or whatever it is I named it on Spotify;) [#1 from the series is also a big riser for me; I now think of it as my favorite from the series.]

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  9. I didn’t like ‘Antifragile’ initially but now I hate how catchy it is and how it’s stuck in my head lol. It went from a 6 → 8.5 for me. That’s one big jump. It took a while but it happened. I watched all 4 parts of Le Sserafim’s documentary series that they have on YT so I’m on a Le Sserafim high right now. I have hopped onto the bandwagon. I personally think every group should have a documentary series that shows the behind the scenes and also to show their hard work.

    B.I’s ‘Keep me up’ is a 9/10 now
    Victon’s ‘Virus’ has also grown on me a lot. I really enjoy it now. 6 → 8/10
    I didn’t comment on the post of AleXa’s ‘Back In Vogue’ but I really like it. That chorus is so fun. 8/10

    There’s not much else after those for me. No Fallers. I’ve been listening to SVT’s ‘Together’ , ‘To You’ , ‘Run To You’ , ‘Rock with you’ , and ‘Heaven’s Cloud’ on repeat lately. I see those 5 songs as a family. Similar but different and are great together.

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