The Top Three K-Pop Songs of August 2022

Monthly Round-UpAt the end of each month, I look back at my three favorite title tracks by K-pop artists. I take my own ratings into account, but there’s a bit of wiggle room as certain songs tend to grow or fade.

August 2022 Overall Thoughts

Too often this year, my monthly round-ups have been… kind of a bummer. This month, we have a welcome shift in tone! I think August has easily been K-pop’s strongest month in 2022. Sure, the release schedule was kind of lopsided. But, the quality level has been consistently high. I finally have some serious contenders for my year-end top ten!

Apart from one very notable boy group release, August was especially strong for girl groups. It felt like a battle between high-profile acts, with Girls’ Generation, BLACKPINK, IVE and Twice all duking it out. Add the newly-debuted NewJeans and you’ve got a roster of songs that have taken hold of Korea’s streaming charts. And, us listeners turned out to be the victors because most of these songs have been very good.

Speaking of very good: as a long-time Golden Child supporter I’m delighted with their comeback. Their excellent title track and equally excellent album deserved more attention and promotion. As always, I’m here to spotlight the music for those who may need an extra push to further explore their discography.

August was so strong that I’m forced to relegate a few fantastic songs to “honorable mention” status. Some of these would’ve easily topped many weaker months in 2022. I want to give a special shout-out to Key’s Another Life, Twice’s Talk That Talk, from20’s Chemical and Tempest’s Can’t Stop Shining (which is already proving to be a grower). And on the J-pop side, I hope you’ve all checked out Fantastics’ retro-synth banger Summer Bike.

When it comes to my top three picks of August, spots two and three feel pretty equally matched to me. Depending on the day and mood, I might put one above the other. I’m sure you’ll be hearing about all three songs again at the end of the year. I think it’s my strongest “top three” since the spring of 2021.

As we head into September, my main question becomes: how do we build upon this momentum? I hope August is the start of something amazing and not just an enjoyable blip in an otherwise underwhelming year. Time will tell, but for now I’m more excited about K-pop than I have been in months.

September, please don’t make me eat my words…

Month Cumulative Rating: 8.0

(compiled by averaging the scores of every K-pop review from this month)

J-Pop Highlights

Fantastics – Summer Bike (review)

Hey! Say! JUMP – Fate Or Destiny (review)

Kis-My-Ft2 – Smokin’ Hot (review)

News – Triad (video)

SixTONES – Party People (review)

Snow Man – Juicy (review)

Johnny’s West – Hoshi no Ame (video)


NIK – La Vida Loca (review)


Honorable Mentions

Billlie – Ring Ma Bell (What A Wonderful World) (review)

CIX – 458 (review)

DKB – 24/7 (review)

from20 – Chemical (review)

Junny – Not About You (review)

Key – Another Life / Gasoline (review / review)

Lucy – Play (review)

Luminous – Engine (review)

ONF – Your Song (review)

Rocket Punch – Flash (review)

Tempest – Can’t Stop Shining (review)

Twice – Talk That Talk (review)

Wonho – Don’t Hesitate (review)

This Month’s Risers and Fallers


3. IVE – After Like (review)

2. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Forever 1 (review)

1. Golden Child – Replay (review)

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39 thoughts on “The Top Three K-Pop Songs of August 2022

  1. A trio of girl group songs are the top 3 this month for me!

    1. Talk That Talk
    2. After Like
    3. Forever 1

    But honorable mention to Golden Child’s Replay and their mini album, both of which I enjoyed. (Nick your Golden Child promotion worked here too haha)

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  2. This was certainly the kind of month I look forward to as a k-pop fan. It surprised me see ONF regulated to the honorable mentions, but “Your Song” certainly didn’t make the same impact for me that the top 3 listed have. It’s also funny to me that even a Universe app single made it to the honorable mentions, but Wonho is incredibly consistent.

    Cix’s “458” has been on constant rotation for me. I hope these guys come back more regularly. I love their vocal tones.
    I think “Forever One” is my ult track of the month maybe year, but I also have been doing this weird thing where I listen to “after like” 5 times in a row cuz I don’t want the energy to stop.

    July and august really delivered for me. I would love a good September. fingers crossed on the NMIXX, NCT 127, Oneus and Blackpink comebacks. Also noticed CRAXY is releasing 4 music videos next month which should be…interesting at the very least.

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  3. I include b-sides, and have five, so here’s mine:
    Jaehyunnnie – Forever Only
    Golcha! – Replay
    Almighty Key – Bound
    DKBZQ! – Bubble
    CIXy – Drown in Luv


  4. Forever 1 has quickly dropped off my radar, but the b-side You Better Run is the real standout for me. IVE’s My Satisfaction, NewJeans’ Hurt (I prefer it to Cookie)… August continues the year-long trend for me, in which the b-sides are stronger than the singles (see also Polaroid Love, Starlight, In My World, Young Luv, My Bag, Le Voya9e, MVSK, Darari, Opening Sequence, WJSN’s Done, et al). [To clear up, NewJeans’ Hype Boy and Attention are brilliant, real growers, my favorite EP of the year, but they came out at the end of July.]

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  5. By number of songs I enjoyed I would still say July wins for me (because I couldn’t choose a top 5 lol), but quality wise August totally rocked!

    My top 4 faves :

    Golcha Replay
    Ive After Like
    Twice Talk and Talk
    Key Gasoline

    Honorable mentions : Billie Ring Ma Bell, Pritti G Love Taker, Girl’s Generation Forever 1

    Questionable but enjoyable : Blank2y Fuego, Tri. be Kiss

    May grow : Tempest Can’t Stop Shining, Rocket Punch Flash

    Going by my most listened songs this month though only After Like might make the list from August’s songs lol. Bcz this month I went on another old gen kpop hunt and I found some amazing songs that I loved (your old reviews & top 10 of groups helped Nick!! 😄😄) So my actual most listened songs are :

    Cross Gene Black or White (I am obsessed with just this one song from them for some reason)
    U-Kiss Neverland
    U-Kiss Standing Still
    Beast Fiction (I knew it was famous but I only heard it recently 😭)
    Infinite Be Mine
    SS501 Love Ya

    Last time your old reviews helped me discover After School and SNSD for the first time and I love them now! This time I found U-Kiss who really really seemed to have made my type of music!! ❤❤

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  6. My own top 3 would look like this:

    3. Golden Child – Replay
    2. IVE – After Like
    1. Key – Another Life

    Regarding honorable mentions, I’d include:

    Billlie – Ring Ma Bell
    Tempest – Can’t Stop Shining
    Junny – Not About You (though Color Me is still his number one for me!)
    Twice – Talk That Talk
    DKB – 24/7
    Youha – Last Dance (btw, Nick, what can you say about it?)
    from20 – Chemical
    Kino – Pose
    Yena – Smartphone
    Key – Gasoline

    Unfortunately, Forever 1 and 458 fell down, as I found the first one’s centerpiece arrangement to be undercooked, and the latter got cloying quickly because of its repetitive hooks. As a result, they aren’t included in my honorable mentions list.

    Now I hope that September won’t be disappointing!

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  7. My top 3 this month is definitely

    1. Replay – Golden Child
    2. Another Life – Key
    3. Talk that Talk – Twice

    With honorable mentions to Ring Ma Bell, Gasoline, and Don’t Hesitate. I haven’t warmed to After Like yet but I have a feeling it’ll grow on me 🙂

    This marks the month I’m finally aboard the Golden Child train – I don’t know why I have resisted up til now, but I have simply not been able to their latest mini.

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  9. my top 3 of the month:

    3. twice – talk that talk
    2. golden child – replay
    1. snsd – forever 1 (they’re my ults so whaddya expect?)



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  10. There were truly too many amazing releases this month that it’s impossible for me to pick! A hidden gem not mentioned for me would be Youha’s newest song “Last Dance” that dropped on the 25th. And the album is really solid as well.

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  11. My top 3:
    1. SNSD – FOREVER 1
    2. Golden Child – Replay
    3. IVE – After LIKE

    Honorable mentions:
    JAY B – Rocking Chair
    Rocket Punch – Moon Prism

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  12. IVE ‘After LIKE’
    SNSD ‘Forever 1’
    Key ‘Another Life’

    Honorable Mention
    The Boyz ‘Timeless’ and ‘C.O.D.E’

    Was a pretty good month, with many of my favourite groups releasing. Now just waiting for ONEUS in a few days. The teaser sounds so good so I’m super excited.

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  13. August was a month that had a lot of good stuff, but nothing I’d consider a standout in other years, and a few things that were frustratingly close to greatness. “Forever 1” would’ve cracked my top 3 if my distaste for the vocal mixing didn’t keep me from listening to it more. I like “Ring Ma Bell” a lot but the chorus melody is just a teensy bit too repetitive for me to wholeheartedly love–despite this gripe of mine, it’s still my favorite Billlie title. “Replay” is a very good song but if I had my druthers there would be a few more vocal harmonies here and there.

    My top 3 picks:

    3. Twice – Talk That Talk
    2. Golden Child – Replay
    1. IVE – After Like

    My top 2 picks were pretty clear; my third pick was a toss-up between “Talk That Talk” and from20’s “Chemical” and it really could have gone either way. I’m surprised by my top pick, given how seemingly negative/disappointed I was about the song at first. I still think a stronger centerpiece or vocal would’ve elevated it to legendary status, but it is an excellent song. “Replay” is also an excellent song and had a reasonable claim to the top spot, but I’ve caught myself humming “After Like” a lot lately so I think that was the deciding factor.

    My actual favorite song of the month, though, has to be “Knocking On My Door”. It’s my absolute favorite song on a fantastic album, and a certified 10/10 as far as I’m concerned. It’s not as “impressive” as “Replay” and the melody isn’t really original but it’s sticky and the vocals are amazing. I just could not get enough of that song this month.

    Also, Nick, perhaps it’s a bit late to ask but nothing on the ONF album was Buried Treasure-worthy?

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  14. On another note, given that Dreamcatcher is coming back in October (and that they have basically never disappointed me in my 4 years as a fan), I hope that September is good enough to tide me over until then, wahaha.


  15. I really enjoyed many of the songs that came out this month! Replay and Talk That Talk are my favorites out of the (very strong) selection we got.
    Also have to mention Pink Venom just for how much of a grower it was. I went from hating it on release day to vibing along as soon as I saw the mv.

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  16. 1. Last Dance — Youha (what can I say, she hits all the buttons for me.)

    2. Ring Ma Bell — Billlie (might be overanked right now because I just heard it 5 minutes ago)

    3. Talk that Talk — Twice

    ===Hon. mentions===
    Focus — Ha Sungwoon

    Gasoline — Key (okay I don’t actually think this is GREAT over good, but he looks so good with glitter all over him that I had to include it here)

    Light — Kwon Eunbi

    Pink Venom — Blackpink

    Smartphone — Yena (I liked it better than Smiley; sue me)

    Strawberry Cake — Xdinary Heroes

    takeoff — msftz

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  21. August had a lot happening! Honourable mentions go to Hybe Boy by NewJeans, Smartphone by Yena, and After Like by Ive. My top three goes to:
    3- Light by Kwon Eunbi (technically this was the theme song for an NFT project, yikes) but my god if this is not the biggest slay of her career! It takes the icy dance of Glitch and completely elevates it to an absolute club banger
    1st equal- Forever 1 by SNSD and Talk That Talk by Twice! I found it impossible to choose between these two, they’re both simply extremely well crafted pop songs that showcase each group’s vocals and maturity in a really lovely way.


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