The Top Three K-Pop Songs of August 2021

Monthly Round-UpAt the end of each month, I look back at my three favorite title tracks by K-pop artists. I take my own ratings into account, but there’s a bit of wiggle room as certain songs tend to grow or fade.

August 2021 Overall Thoughts

When it comes to new music, I often mention the “expectations game.” August was a prime example of expectations versus reality. Looking at its slate of releases, this should have been one of them most epic months we’ve ever seen in K-pop. Almost all of my favorite groups were making a comeback, which rarely happens within such a narrow time frame. And as I imagined, August was strong. But, it was far from legendary. In fact, I actually feel a little… underwhelmed.

Only a couple of these acts managed to exceed expectations, and most of their best work was relegated to b-sides. A few months from now, I’ll likely look back on August with greater affection than I do now, and I won’t be surprised if a number of my honorable mentions easily make it into my year-end countdown. But, I feel like I should be more enthused.

Rather than focus on disappointments, let’s summarize August’s many highlights. The month kicked off with Golden Child’s Game Changer, a fantastic album that has been a staple on my playlist ever since. Title track Ra Pam Pam grew on me a lot, fueled by the strength of the group’s performance. Compared to the rest of their discography, I wouldn’t call it a personal favorite. But, this sound was always going to be an uphill battle for me.

My top two songs of the month are excellent, and easily secured their spots. Third place was a real horse race between a number of very strong singles. Ra Pam Pam, Park Jihoon’s Gallery, VERIVERY’s Trigger and Everglow’s Promise waged a tough war for this spot. Honestly, I’m not even super confident in my choice. For now, VERIVERY are taking the spot because I think the song is a standout within their discography. But, I’m tempted to put Golcha in there simply because… well… bias.

(Edit: I’m even more tempted now. Argh! I guess we can just call it a tie…)

Let’s talk about my top song of August. With this placement, Brave Girls claims a Bias List milestone. They’ve secured the number one spot in my monthly round-ups for three (!) months in a row. I’ve summarized every K-pop month since 2009, and this has never happened. Prior to this year, Brave Girls hadn’t even been featured in a top three. Now, their songs are lodged at number one all summer long! It’s just astounding. Sure, an uncompetitive July helped them along, but June and August were both VERY competitive and they still managed to battle my personal bias groups and come out on top.

In fact, if you take a look at my K-pop and J-pop number ones for August, it’s basically a repeat of July. It’s been a weird summer, hasn’t it?

Month Cumulative Rating: 7.9

(compiled by averaging the scores of every K-pop review from this month)

J-Pop Highlights

Hey! Say! JUMP – Gunjo Runaway (review)

HiHi Jets – Eyes Of The Future (review)

Kis-My-Ft2 – A10TION (review)

Sexy Zone – Summer Hydrangea (video)

SixTONES – Mascara (review)


Snow Man – Evolution (review)


Honorable Mentions

Astro – After Midnight (review)

BDC – Moon Walker (review)

Everglow – Promise (review)

Golden Child – Ra Pam Pam (review)

Ha Sungwoon – Strawberry Gum (ft. Don Mills) (review)

Lucy – Irrelevant Answer (review)

NCT U – Maniac (Doyoung & Haechan) (review)

ONEUS – Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot! (review)

Park Jihoon – Gallery (review)

Sunmi – You Can’t Sit With Us (review)

TXT – LO$ER=L♡VER (review)

WayV – Ten & YangYang – Low Low (review)


3. VERIVERY – Trigger (review)

2. ONF – Popping (review)

1. Brave Girls – After We Ride (review)

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47 thoughts on “The Top Three K-Pop Songs of August 2021

  1. As of this morning, my playlist of new releases for this month has 89 songs on it, which blows my previous biggest monthly playlist (September 2020 with 73 songs) out of the water. There weren’t a lot of songs I LOVED released this month, just a lot of stuff that I liked, including a whole boatload of b-sides. September 2020 feels more epic for sure, but I’m more than happy with what we got. Plus, I’ve been loving the music shows this month, to the point that I’m way behind on all the other content I usual watch.

    September is looking like another absolutely bananas month for new music – I’m especially looking forward to A.C.E (sniffle! Also, please don’t be shmoopy!), OMEGA X (my farty brass babies), PURPLE KISS, HyunA x DAWN, ATEEZ, and ITZY (plus season 10 of “Show Me The Money”), but I’m sure there will be more to enjoy.

    Top Titles:
    1. ONEUS “Shut Up Crazy Hot”: I’m not sure if this counts as a title, but it got a review, and I love it, so it’s going on the top of my list. This song + performance video gave me almost everything I’ve come to love from k-pop – great rap, great dance, great vocals, questionable English, attractive people wearing leather, a slightly unsettling amount of gun imagery, flamethrowers, dancers being used as motorcycles and machine guns, etc – and together with their other two excellent performance videos this month (and another on the way?!?) confirmed why they’re one of my top groups.
    2. Golden Child “Ra Pam Pam”: I’m glad (most of the?) the GolCha fans didn’t hate this, which I was sort of worried would be the case when I liked it. One of my favorite stages of the month. I’m not quite on the train yet, but I’m at the station.
    3. BDC “Moon Walker”: “Moonlight” caught my attention last month, and this was a great follow-up. The stages were tremendous, especially the opening “anti-gravity” formation. I’ve since gone back and much of their back catalogue finally clicked, so I’m on the train now.
    – T1419 “Flex”: I liked this on first listen and I’ve liked the stages, and I’m still liking it now. The “drop/flower” bit where most of the backing cuts out is a great moment. It’s more or less a coin flip with “Moon Walker” for #3, but I gave the edge to BDC for their stronger discography.
    – MCND “Movin’”: I was a little worried when their releases leading up to this were a vocal-only cover of an English-language song and an original English-language song, but my boys came through! I like this now and expect to love it in a week or two, per usual.
    – TOMORROW X TOGETHER “LO$ER=LOVER”: A step down from “0X1=LOVESONG” but I’m not mad that they kept the angsty-90s-rock-with-goth-leanings concept going a little longer. As a former angsty-90s-teen-with-goth-leanings, it was exactly my taste, right down to the skirts and stand-up mikes.

    Bangers of the Month:
    – Golden Child “Fanfare”
    – ONEUS “Shut Up Crazy Hot”
    – ATEEZ “The Black Cat Nero”: I actually squealed when I saw they’d finally released this. Absolutely my favorite ATEEZ song and blasting it on the good headphones (and in the car) has been a delight.
    – MIYAVI “New Gravity”: I listened to this on accident and loved it, but was irritated because I really don’t have time to get sucked into another music industry. Then I saw that the upcoming album has a guest vocal from KANG DANIEL (and Kimbra, what?!), so I decided that I’m going to give it a pass as k-pop adjacent. September is going to be bananas.
    – T1419 “Flex”, “Get the Bomb”
    – Stray Kids “CHEESE”, “Thunderous” “DOMINO”: I’m bummed that we didn’t get any serious hip-hop tracks on this album, but three bangers is pretty good. I might like “CHEESE” as much as “TA” – time will tell.
    – VERIVERY “Trigger”, “Heart Attack”
    – MIRAE “Splash”, “Bang-Up”, “Don’t Stop”: Maybe this isn’t at the level of their debut, but three bangers, including an excellent rap-rock track, is nothing to sneeze at. I mostly like the other b-sides too, which is more than I can say for whatever the last two tracks were on their first EP.
    – MCND “H.B.C”: Wait, what is this song about? Does the “C” stand for “CHOOT”? I don’t care, I just want this to be their follow-up single.

    Shout Out to the Little Guys:
    – Maka Maka “Hey U”: I’m not usually big on girl groups, but they pulled this one off well.
    – F.able “RUN RUN RUN”: There were a few small boy group releases this month, but this was the only one that made the playlist. It doesn’t quite have enough energy for the bangers playlist, but otherwise was very in line with the current BG sound, which is fine with me.

    Soloists Bringing It (Especially On Stage):
    – HYO “Second” (feat. BIBI): I’d have liked a little more fire from BIBI’s verse, but any BIBI is better than nothing. She used the same dancers who frequently work with Chung Ha, so you know they’re good.
    – HA SUNG WOON “Strawberry Gum” (feat. Don Mills): Sorry Don, but Ravi’s verses in the live stages were excellent and I want a version with him. The cover can be their hilarious ending fairy.
    – Gaho “Ride”: Still waiting for a stage of this. *pout*
    – SOMI “DUMB DUMB”: I didn’t love this at first, but the stages won me over. I can’t wait to show this to my friend’s seven-year-old the next time I visit. Her favorite k-artist so far is AleXa, but I bet this tops it.
    – Kwon Eun Bi “Door”: Seriously, the music shows have been great this month, especially once they started coordinating the dancers’ costumes to the limited color palate of higher-grade masks. SOMI’s people seem to have found the only supply of pink ones so far.
    – WOODZ “LULLABY”: Stages please?

    Pleasant Enough Playlist Additions I’m Unlikely to Seek Out:
    – Astro “After Midnight”, “Footprint”
    – Weeekly “Weekend”, “Check It Out”, “Holiday Party”
    – PARK JI HOON “Gallery”
    – YOUHA “ICE T”, “Cherry On Top”
    – BTOB “Outsider”
    – KEY “Hate that…” (feat. TAEYEON)

    So Many B-Sides, So Little Time:
    – Golden Child “Bottom of the Ocean”, “Fanfare”, “Spell”: I wish BotO wasn’t in English, but so it goes.
    – THE BOYZ “Out of Control”, “Dancing Till We Drop”, “Nightmares” “B.O.Y”: This is easily my favorite release from TBZ, even if the title didn’t grab me.
    – KIM WOOJIN “In my space”: I didn’t like “Ready Now” enough to playlist, even though I’ve watched and loved all the stages. This one hits the sweet, piano-ballad spot though. I really like Woojin’s voice and hope he can get his solo career off the ground.
    – HA SUNG WOON “Cake”
    – ONF “Dry Ice”: I never could get past the cutsieness of “Poppin”, but the stages for this made up for it. I don’t feel like ONF always uses Wyatt as well as they could, but he’s great here.
    – CRAVITY “VENI VIDI VICI”: It’s always nice when the only song I like on a release gets a b-side stage, and it happened twice this month!
    – VERIVERY “Underdog”, “Prom”
    – Stray Kids “Star Lost”, “Red Lights”, “The View”, “Sorry, I love You”, “SSICK”, “Silent Cry”, “Secret Secret”, “Gone Away”: Listed in the order I downloaded them. I’m looking forward to the flood of MVs I assume will be coming over the next few weeks, especially “CHEESE” because the preview looked fun, and “Red Lights”, for no particular reason.
    – Kwon Eun Bi “OPEN”, “Amigo” “Blue Eyes”, “Rain”
    – MIRAE “New Days”, “#Secret”
    – BTOB “DREAMER”, “Can’t breathe” , “Waiting 4 U”, “Finale (Show And Prove)”, “Traveler”
    – MCND “Cat Waltz”, “Bowwowwow” “Play Pungak”

    – Jay Park, pH-1 & GroovyRoom “ALL IN”
    – Bewhy, Khundi Panda, Simba Zawadi & Viann “Maybe Yesterday”
    – JMIN “Don’t Worry” (feat. Mirani & PARK HYEON JIN)
    – GRAY “Show Window” (feat. pH-1), “Rise” (feat. DeVita)
    – Ash-B “Catch Me” (feat. Don Mills), “Dick Up Freestyle”, “Run It”, “Palm Tree” (feat. Soovi): The Korean hip-hop scene seems at least as much of a sausage fest as the US one, so I’m always excited to find new women to add to my list. Some of the tracks lean too much on English expletives, which I find distracting, but so it goes..

    – KINDA BLUE & Hwa Sa “I Can’t Make You Love Me”
    – Park Won “Fuxxxxx Crazy”: Mostly just soft vocal, a guitar, and a keyboard, but a really beautiful MV.
    – ADOY “Simply”
    – CAR, THE GARDEN “Closely Far Away”
    – Jeon Jiyoon “Soop”

    Indie Pop/Rock:
    – From20 “Because it’ll be faster for you to forget me than me loving you”: I wouldn’t blink hearing this on my local alt-rock radio station, if said station played music that wasn’t in English. The title gives me Fiona Apply vibes for sure.
    – 10cm “Go Back”: I worked in a small town bookstore in high school, and this is exactly the kind of thing I’d imagine playing there if it were still open.
    – HA HYUN SANG “Burning Sunset”

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  2. My top three would be:

    1. After We Ride
    2. Trigger
    3. Popping

    As much as I love Onf, popping really fell off my radar. But I’m happy that Verivery has finally found a song which works for their (uncreative) concept. And Brave Girls, well, they’re Brave Girls, of course they’ll release a banger!

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  3. Yeahhh, as someone that has been loving the hell out of 2021 musically so far. The last two months have been a bit dull. But there was still a good batch of good stuff to pick from. I still need to look into some releases so this will likely change.

    1. Brave Girls – After We Ride…such an amazing song, one of the year’s best imo. Love the sorrow nature of it mixed with the extremely captivating production. “Tears on the dancefloor” as you called is the perfect way to describe the song and i love it because of that.

    2. Verivery – Trigger…Since Mirae decided to crush my hopes for their future this month, Verivery decided to lift me up with Killa’s inferier yet still great spiritual successor. Got the same electronic bombast of Killa but I do think it lacks the overall energy that keep me coming back to Killa. Still an amazing song, Killa is a VERY high bar to hit for me anyway.

    3. Kwon Eunbi – Door…Look, anything remotely jazz in kpop will likely be enjoyed by me but this is a great song in it’s own right as well. Love how classy it feels without ever being boring. It’s exciting, fun, and addictive. The chorus is also fucking spectacular. Finally Coin has comp as my favorite jazzy song of the year.

    HM: ONF – Popping, Lucy- Irrelevant Answer, Park Jihoon – Gallery, Ha Sungwoon – Strawberry Gum,

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  4. My top 3:

    3. Verivery – Trigger
    2. Brave Girls – After We Ride
    1. Everglow – Promise

    Popping was a close 4th. I’m not quite *as* taken with the song as everyone else is, but I do like it and think it’s very strong. Just I prefer the other three.

    I like the new Verivery mini a lot. This is different from the Verivery I fell for during debut, but you know what, that’s okay.

    Everglow and Brave Girls now officially have my attention. Man has Promise especially dominated my listening the past week or so. What can I say. I’m a sucker for this sound but even that aside the choruses. Man. So good.

    I don’t know what else I’d add to my HMs maybe except for Thunderous which I for some reason like very much. Returning to grad school means I’ve fallen behind on K-Pop, but such is life.

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  5. My top Five (random order):
    After We Ride- Brave Girls
    Wowowowowow. How can one manage to slay EVERY COMEBACK tHrEe TiMeS in a row?

    Almost all of NOEASY (Stray Kids). I’m definitely not a casual fan, but not quite a Stay yet (I think) but the album floored me. Thunderous was a,” it’s not that bad but it’s not God’s Menu or Backdoor,” song in the beginning but it CLICKED the second listen. Domino and Cheese (especially Cheese) are also amazing. The two songs I didn’t like was Red Light and Wolfgang.

    Movin’ (MCND)
    Wasn’t too disappointed about it not being Ice Age because I had read the review and comments on this site, so when I listened without expectations, it certainly became a month favorite.

    Ra Pam Pam (Golden Child)
    This song was my first introduction to Golden Child and I liked it a lot first listen. The bsides were also pretty good but I don’t have enough time to listen to them with almost 300 songs in my current favs playlist.

    Lo$er=Lover (TXT)
    It was a great song, if you remove the expectations from I Know I Love You. The Chaos Chapter Era is defiantly what turned me from a casual fan to a MOA.

    Other Mentions:
    Low Low (Ten and YangYang (WayV))
    I didn’t like it at first, because I dislike almost all English Kpop songs first listen. However, this did grow on me (unlike Permission to Dance) regardless of my initial dislike.

    Hate that (Key ft. Taeyong)
    I love the tune and the guitar, and sometimes it almost barely reminds me of the chorus of Demente by Chungaha (I’m still trying to figure out why). It’s great for my study playlist.

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  6. My top 3 for Korea is more or less the same as you. I love After We Ride so much. The song basically makes no mistakes in its run-time, and gets better each and every listen.

    On J-Pop, I’d give New Gravity the win. It will likely win for you in September, and it deserves it. It truly is amazing.

    As for internationally, Dimash’s Stranger outdoes those two, even if only by a bit.

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  7. A list of my Top 10 this month

    1. Golden Child – Ra Pam Pam (8.5 >> 9.25)
    I had absolutely no idea how much this would grow on me, it has been a real journey with this song.

    2. ONF – Popping (9 == 9)
    I think I was so onboard with the song that I never expected it come to second place, but it still is a blast of serotonin accompanied by an evil music video.

    3. Verivery – Trigger (9 == 9)
    Verivery were not on my radar before this, but I’m only just getting into VIXX (after Nick’s Hyde review), and this is my exact kind of song.

    4. Stray Kids – Thunderous (7.75 >> 8.75)
    Alright, alright, hear me out. Stray Kids are very easily my favorite (4th gen?) group, so it was inevitable that my bias would get around. And subtle details about the entire song – the laugh before the second chorus, the 2 seconds of funkiness in the bridge, SKZ’s performance itself and (mainly) the music video – really helped elevate it. My thoughts on it go like this – SKZ were given a ‘meh’ song and they made it a ‘great’ song, so just imagine, 3RACHA, if you gave SKZ a ‘great’ song, it would be legendary. (aka Side Effects, Miroh, District 9) Don’t put yourself down a hole, SKZ, seems like Verivery just got out of it.

    5. The Boyz – Thrill Ride (8 >> 8.75)
    Grew on me. Expected.

    6. Ten – Paint Me Naked (8.5 == 8.5)
    More rock guitar and less “yeah”s could’ve placed this higher up, but it definitely is good enough now.

    7. TXT – Loser Lover (8.5 == 8.5)
    If the beat had just sped up a little bit at the end, it would be much higher. It definitely complements 0X1=LOVESONG though.

    8. Brave Girls – After We Ride (8.25 >> 8.5)
    Was not nearly as bowled over as everyone else was, but it makes for great BG (get it? Brave Girls, Background. Sorry) music.

    9. Cravity – Gas Pedal (7.5 >> 8.5)
    Least expected choice here, but it grew on me. A lot. The last 30 seconds, from the bridge onwards, is Cravity’s best 30 seconds yet.

    10. MCND – Movin’ (8 >> 8.25)
    Slowly but steadily growing on me…….

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      • I agree that Skz Thunderous is more of a grower. They are good at lighting up the stage and adding in personality. Even if their chorus drop still isn’t my fav, skz can execute it well. But that could be my bias kicking in


  8. Replacing After we ride with Ra Pam Pam will pretty much sum up 3 of my favourites 🤗

    My Top 5 in no order

    Golcha Ram Pam Pam : Damn these boys are awesome! ❤️😭 I can understand how torn you were. Seeing people play to their strengths is always attractive and Golcha’s vocals + live performance are beautiful!

    ONF Popping : This is honestly too good and deserves all the love! ❤️ It genuinely makes me feel happy. Hyojin ate this song! Every part is such a vocal surprise and again ONF plays to their breezy but extremely on-point vocal + execution strengths.

    TXT Lover=Loser : I like songs of this sound- more of a band touch. I don’t find the lyrics cringy or anything 😂 Tbh I thought they were quite crisp in getting the meaning across especially to people like me who don’t really care much about lyrics but more about the sound 😅! And TXT vocals (especially live) hit so differently with the growls and clarity – I just love it!

    SKZ Thunderous : Unashamedly because of bias. But also because I love it! 🙃 It was different for them and I love their rap line. Plus countering the point I made just above; their lyrics are punny with lots of quirky stuff 😂😂 Also the pre-chorus is really amazing and swerved quit unexpectedly to my delight!


    Verivery Trigger : I might again say bias but AH THE SONG IS SO GOOD!!!❤️ That’s the thing with Verivery for me. I have a positive impression from the first listen, but with subsequent live performances the awesomeness keeps increasing until I start singing it like crazy and realise how much I love the song! Also I have a “very very strong” bias for Hoyoung and I won’t deny that it might have something to do with my fondness for Verivery! 😝

    I did find August one of the best months for me – besides these there were a whole bunch of nice songs; Somi, Sunmi, BZ-Boys, Red Velvet, BTOB, MCND… it was packed till the end.

    September has some interesting line-ups – Ateez is bias but I’m really looking forward to Purple Kiss because I love the girls and I’m waiting for a song that will highlight their vocals even more than the debut.

    Four more months left and I’ll continue to pray that TBZ release Kingdom Come as an MV so I can officially make it my personal soty 😂

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  9. I am really really the outlier here. August 2021 was a very lean month for me. I just can’t continue to listen to songs which sound just like some other song but some other bleep or boop is added in some small way. It just needs to be more unique.

    My list, believe it or not, in some order:

    Pentagon “Kerberus”
    Maka Maka “Hey U”
    Ten + Yang Yang “Low Low”

    Honorable mention to BDC “Moon Walker”

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  10. This was a weird month for me. I didn’t much feel like listening to the type of music I normally like (generally similar to Nick’s taste with a healthy side of cute/upbeat/frantic girl group music). Instead all my top tracks were more basic/straightforward pop or bsides.

    I listened to Sunmi’s album the most this month, especially b-side Narcissism, which is a standout for me. The entire album is great in a way that many kpop albums aren’t – not only is each song good, but the album presents a cohesive vision of Sunmi as an artist. It also captures an emotional range that is usually not within a normal kpop group’s repertoire or else is relegated to some boring ass ballads. The last time I felt this way about an album was Day6 The Book of Us: Demon and I also listened to that on repeat for months.

    The other standout b-side for me was Dreamcatcher’s Whistle (yes technically from July, but I’m counting it).

    In terms of title tracks, I liked Ten “Paint Me Naked”, and Hyo “Second” the most (I think with time Key “Hate That” will join this group). These songs are pleasant and fun and require nothing from me. Red Velvet “Queendom” ended up growing on me a lot also, I think because I was listening to so many straightforward songs (also they are very talented and I watched a lot of stages). Also listened quite a bit to Astro “After Midnight”. Both ONF and Brave Girls are on my playlist but they haven’t made much of an impression even though I should in theory like these songs?

    Myma’s comment inspired me to also shoutout Pentagon “Cerberus”, which I ended up loving despite (because?) it is so weird. I’ll also admit to having a soft spot for Pentagon I can’t explain even to myself so maybe I just like them idk.

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    • I’ve got a soft spot for Pentagon too so I’m happy to see some love for “Cerberus”, even if I’m too much of a hip-hop snob to enjoy it myself. Kino’s been all over the place recently too. I’m hoping for a “full” comeback before the end of the year, though.

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  11. I just wanna say that ‘After We Ride’ was no.1 for me after like 30 seconds of hearing it. I absolutely love everything about it. It’s a 10 for me and a definite competitor against ‘Atlantis’ in the year list.

    However, Miroh remains unbeatable. [Bit worried SKZ won’t visit this sound again, though…]

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  12. I’ll just put three tracks that are totally sticking with me.
    1. Pentagon – Cereberus
    So weird but coherent. Great energy
    2. Cravity – Veni Vidi Vici
    Great British Invasion mid-period energy mixed with Kpop.
    3. CIX – Confession
    I am a sucker for a good ballad and the mix of husky and sweet tones in this, along with the beggin’ ticks all the boxes.

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  14. That is a very accurate top three, however, I would put skz at least in the honorable mentions. I respect our difference in taste and opinion, so I understand why it wasn’t there for you.

    And I would put loser = lover in MY top three. Again, I realize I was in love with it far more. Can’t wait to see how Ateez does in their September release!

    And you probably already answered this question, but which song do you want to be the title track? I’m curious

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